Monorail Breakdown and Guest Evacuation Occur near EPCOT at Disney World

    The Walt Disney World Monorail experienced a breakdown near EPCOT, leading to the evacuation of guests. This incident brings attention to the need for a replacement of the aging monorail fleet. Although rumors of a new fleet have circulated in the past, nothing has come to fruition. The current monorail system has become increasingly unreliable, causing concerns for guest safety and satisfaction. In comparison, Tokyo Disney Resort’s monorail system is well-maintained and dependable. The contrast between the two highlights the need for improvement in Walt Disney World’s transportation infrastructure. While there are conspiracy theories suggesting that Disney wants to eliminate the monorail system, it is unlikely due to the significant impact it has on the Deluxe Resorts’ pricing and appeal. However, the cost of operating and maintaining the monorails, coupled with the potential for negative PR incidents, necessitates the consideration of a new fleet. The announcement of a major refurbishment or replacement is inevitable, and fans hope for an official announcement at next year’s D23 Expo. Regardless of the outcome, it is clear that the current monorail system cannot operate indefinitely and that change is needed.

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