Home Motorsport Motorsport Week: Haas Unveils US-Inspired Livery for Home Grand Prix

Motorsport Week: Haas Unveils US-Inspired Livery for Home Grand Prix

Motorsport Week: Haas Unveils US-Inspired Livery for Home Grand Prix

The Haas Formula 1 Team Unveils Stunning New Livery for US Grand Prix!

You won’t believe your eyes when you see the jaw-dropping new livery that the Haas Formula 1 team is set to run this weekend at their home race, the United States Grand Prix. The team has released images of the revised design, and it is nothing short of spectacular.

In addition to the special race suits that the drivers will be sporting, Haas has gone all out with their VF-23 cars. While the team will stick to their customary black-and-white color scheme, they have added a patriotic touch with the stars and stripes of the United States flag gracing the side of their charger for this one round.

But that’s not all! Haas is getting even more festive by celebrating the special occasion with the tagline “we the people.” This powerful phrase, which forms the opening line of the Constitution of the United States, perfectly encapsulates the team’s decision to embrace its American roots.

Guenther Steiner, Haas Team Principal, revealed that this unique livery is a way for the team to honor their loyal and growing fan base. According to Steiner, “There’s obviously a lot of talk about American teams right now, but we’re still currently the only American team on the Formula 1 grid.”

The team’s decision to revamp their livery and embrace their American heritage comes at an opportune time, as the FIA has recently accepted Andretti’s proposal to join the F1 grid. Steiner believes that Haas has earned credibility within the paddock and now wants to recognize and acknowledge their fans who have supported the team through thick and thin.

The altered livery not only serves as a marketing tactic but also highlights the passion, humor, and authenticity of Haas’ fans. It is a gesture of gratitude that shows how much they value their supporters. This one-of-a-kind race is dedicated to the people who make Haas what it is.

But it’s not just the livery that has Haas fans buzzing with excitement. The team is set to debut a major upgrade package inspired by Red Bull. Haas aims to turn their fortunes around after a disappointing race in Qatar, where they were overtaken by Alfa Romeo, dropping them to ninth in the Constructors’ Championship.

With only five rounds remaining, Haas is hoping that these updates will inspire a much-needed upturn in form. Their previous performance has been lackluster, with just a solitary point collected over the last eight rounds. The team is counting on the improvements made to the floor, engine cover, sidepod inlet, sidepods, quarter panel, and padding gills to give them the competitive edge they desperately need.

Guenther Steiner shed light on the upgrades, stating, “The upgrade on the VF-23 is aerodynamic. We changed the concept of the car because what we started with, because of the new regulations last year, we couldn’t make any more gains performance-wise.” The team had reached a plateau and needed to change their concept, adopting the “Red Bull concept” or the “downwash concept” to generate more downforce and reduce drag.

While the upgraded car holds the promise of improved performance, driver Kevin Magnussen stresses that the focus is also on conducting research for next year’s car. The team aims to broaden the narrow performance window and make the car more user-friendly in various track conditions. The goal is to follow easier and be more tire-friendly, providing a more consistent and competitive performance.

In a surprising twist, Red Bull is also set to unveil a new livery for this weekend’s race. As the recently-crowned World Champions, Red Bull promised to run fan-designed liveries at the three rounds scheduled in the USA. The Miami Grand Prix has already taken place, and now fans eagerly anticipate the new livery to be revealed ahead of the racing action in Las Vegas and the season finale in Abu Dhabi.

The United States Grand Prix is set to be an unforgettable event, with Haas stealing the spotlight with their eye-catching livery and Red Bull adding to the excitement with their fan-designed liveries. As the only American team on the Formula 1 grid, Haas looks to make a statement both on and off the track. With their upgraded car and revamped livery, they are ready to give their loyal fans something to cheer about.

So mark your calendars and get ready for a thrilling weekend of racing at the Circuit of the Americas. The Haas Formula 1 team is gearing up to showcase their American pride and determination to succeed. Don’t miss out on the action as they fly the stars and stripes high and race their hearts out on home soil.


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