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Navevo Introduces Advanced Sat-Nav for HGV and Van Drivers

Navevo Introduces Advanced Sat-Nav for HGV and Van Drivers

Navevo, a leading GPS software developer in the UK, has recently introduced its newest satellite navigation solution, the ProNav PNN-200. This device is specifically designed for drivers of heavy goods vehicles and vans. Following the successful launch of its predecessor, the ProNav PNN-200 offers even better performance and is now easier to use with its revised user interface. Additionally, it comes with enhanced routing capabilities and free updates for map and transport data throughout 2009.

The ProNav PNN-200 comes with several highlights that set it apart from other satellite navigation devices. It now includes Bluetooth calling, a media player, video player, and ebook reader, making it a multifunctional tool for drivers. It also offers a free map and transport upgrade pack for 2009, ensuring that users have the latest information available to them. The ProNav PNN-200 has an improved user experience, with faster routing and re-routing capabilities. The interface has been redesigned to facilitate easier vehicle data entry, and the sound performance has been enhanced for better voice instructions.

One of the key features of the ProNav PNN-200 is its ability to allow drivers to enter their vehicle’s vital statistics, such as weight, height, length, width, and the goods they are carrying. This enables the device to calculate the best route for the driver, ensuring that they do not encounter roads or obstacles that are unsuitable for their vehicle or cargo. During the journey, the ProNav PNN-200 also provides warnings for hazards such as steep hills, high cross winds, and the risk of grounding. If necessary, it can automatically re-route the driver’s journey to avoid any potential issues. This makes the ProNav PNN-200 an ideal navigation tool for drivers of HGVs, light commercial vehicles, horse transporters, caravans, and more.

Navevo has collaborated closely with independent HGV drivers to further improve its ProNav software. As a result, the ProNav PNN-200 now has many new improvements and features, specifically tailored to the needs of professional drivers who have to navigate safely through areas with road height, weight, or width limitations. The user interface has been redesigned to make navigation easier than ever, with larger icons simplifying data input. The core routing engine has also been improved to provide faster speed, increased accuracy, and ease of use for users. This means that the ProNav PNN-200 delivers faster map rendering, improved GPS performance, and seamless route calculations.

The ProNav PNN-200 utilizes NAVTEQ Transport, which provides free quarterly map and transport data updates throughout 2009. This ensures that users have the most up-to-date information at all times. Existing ProNav customers can also take advantage of the free updates and software enhancements through the ProNav website. Additionally, the ProNav PNN-200 comes equipped with a 4.3 inch touch screen LCD display, built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling, a media player, video player, and ebook reader for entertainment during the journey. The device is equipped with an enhanced speaker system for clear voice instructions.

In addition to the specialist features, such as dynamic routing and navigation optimization based on a vehicle’s dimensions and legal restrictions, the ProNav PNN-200 also includes a London unloading and parking penalties database and POI data for professional drivers. It comes with street-level mapping for the UK and Republic of Ireland, seven-digit postcode lookup, and a six-month free trial of safety camera alerts.

David Guiver, Navevo’s Sales and Marketing Director, emphasizes the importance of customer feedback in their strategy to remain competitive and meet customer needs. The collaboration with HGV drivers across the UK has allowed Navevo to deliver a more desirable solution for this market and offer software and map enhancements to both new and existing ProNav customers.

The ProNav PNN-200 will be available for purchase from December 15th, 2008, in Maplin stores across the UK and Ireland. It is priced at £199.99, including VAT. Customers can also purchase it online via the Maplin website.

In conclusion, the introduction of the ProNav PNN-200 by Navevo brings new levels of performance and ease of use to drivers of heavy goods vehicles and vans. With its updated user interface, enhanced routing capabilities, and free map and transport data updates, this satellite navigation solution is designed to provide a seamless and efficient driving experience for professional drivers.


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