News: Sibling Duo Speeds to 150 mph in Mustang Dragster, Racing Redbirds Show Impressive Performance

    Woodstock Siblings Dominik and Danielle Post: A Thrilling Racing Tradition

    For Dominik and Danielle Post, racing has always been in their blood. Their father, Mike, was a drag racer and now runs his own high-performance shop in Hampshire, specializing in Ford Mustangs. As Illinois State University students, Dominik and Danielle have both worked at their father’s shop and have grown up with cars and racing as a prominent part of their lives.

    It was only natural for the siblings to follow in their father’s footsteps. Dominik started racing three years ago, while Danielle joined in two years ago. Dominik is currently a senior construction management major, while Danielle is a sophomore studying bilingual elementary education.

    Recently, their car has been making waves at racing events with a new construction management decal on the side. Dominik shared that the idea came up during a barbecue with the Construction Management Student Association (CMSA) after returning from a victory in Indy. The Department of Technology provided the artwork, and the decal became a prominent feature of their car.

    Hailing from Woodstock, the Posts often pass through Bloomington-Normal on their way to races. A few weeks ago, they made a special stop to showcase their car to Randy Jacobs, an instructional assistant professor in the Department of Technology, and his class. Impressed by their vehicle, Randy suggested they drive it in the Homecoming Parade.

    Excited by the idea, Dominik and his father agreed, and now their car will be part of the construction management float in the parade, while Danielle will be marching with her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi. The loud engine of their Mustang dragster is sure to make a lasting impression at the event.

    Drag racing is the sport of choice for the Posts, involving accelerating from a complete stop and racing as fast as possible down a quarter-mile track. They have completed the race in less than 10 seconds on multiple occasions and find the exhilaration unmatched. Dominik explains that it’s a true test against the clock, with no reaction time involved. Danielle shares that the scariest part is the sudden stop.

    Dominik’s fastest time is an impressive 9.4 seconds to reach 0-153 mph, while Danielle has hit 140 mph in 9.7 seconds for her personal best. Their car, a 2011 Ford Mustang GT, remains largely unmodified in terms of its frame and body. The only modification is the installation of a roll bar for added safety. The power modifications, including a supercharger, intake cams, exhaust work, and suspension enhancements, were done at their father’s shop. The result is a lightning-fast car that delivers a powerful and immersive driving experience.

    Fueling the car is VP Fuels’ MS 109, a specialized fuel that costs around $22 per gallon. With an average consumption of five gallons per race, the fuel efficiency comes out to be around 18 miles per gallon. The Posts participate in events organized by two prominent organizations in the racing community: the National Muscle Car Association (NMCA) and the National Mustang Racers Association (NMRA). Their racing season takes them to St. Louis, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky, creating a summer-long family adventure.

    While the siblings enjoy the thrill of racing, their mother, Kim, understandably gets nervous, especially as they have achieved faster speeds. Danielle admits to feeling nervous too, but she relies on instructions from her father and brother, who provide guidance through text messages in between runs.

    To ensure safety, the car is equipped with a braking parachute for quick stops. The driver also wears a full-body, fireproof race suit, complete with a five-point harness, lap belt, shoulder straps, full-face helmet, fire gloves, and a neck brace.

    Thanks to their father’s expertise and guidance, both Dominik and Danielle have tasted success in the racing world. They deeply appreciate his influence and acknowledge his role in their achievements. Dominik describes him as a smart man who knows how to build a car.

    As the racing season unfolds, the Woodstock siblings Dominik and Danielle Post continue to push the boundaries of their sport. With their passion for racing and their dedicated family support, they are poised to make even more significant strides in the world of drag racing.

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