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Next-Generation Electric Cars from Toyota to Feature Manual Gearbox Option

Next-Generation Electric Cars from Toyota to Feature Manual Gearbox Option

Toyota’s Revolutionary Manual Transmission for Electric Cars: The Ultimate Driving Experience

Have you ever dreamed of owning an electric car that offers the thrill and excitement of driving a traditional internal-combustion-engined car? Well, Toyota has just made that dream a reality! In a groundbreaking move, the automotive giant plans to offer a manual transmission option for its next-generation electric vehicles (EVs), ensuring that driving pleasure remains a key priority. In this article, we will delve into the details of this revolutionary system, exploring its development, features, and the driving experience it offers.

The system, which has been in development for an impressive three years, will be made available as a factory option for buyers. It will be exclusively offered in models created on Toyota’s new modular architecture, set to be launched in 2026. One of the most anticipated cars to feature this cutting-edge technology is the production version of the FT-Se sports car concept, touted as the spiritual successor to the iconic MR2. Other high-performance models are also expected to come equipped with this system as a standard feature, showcasing Toyota’s dedication to providing exhilarating driving experiences.

Unlike traditional manual transmissions, Toyota’s system is predominantly software-operated, with minimal hardware modifications. The inclusion of a clutch pedal and gear shift, both borrowed from the Toyota GR86, along with a rev counter and new switchgear to select the mode, are the only physical enhancements. Additionally, paddle shifts will be an available option for enthusiasts seeking a more engaging driving experience. By focusing on software enhancements, Toyota aims to make electric cars just as fun and enjoyable to drive as their combustion engine counterparts.

This innovative system is a direct response to the vision set forth by Toyota’s chairman, Akio Toyoda. Toyoda emphasized the importance of ensuring that electric cars are not perceived as mere “commodities.” Instead, he wants them to evoke the same excitement and passion that driving enthusiasts associate with traditional cars. By developing a manual transmission for electric cars, Toyota is actively addressing this challenge and proving its commitment to making electric vehicles more captivating.

In addition to the manual transmission, Toyota is also working on another groundbreaking feature called ‘On Demand’ software for Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs). This software can dynamically alter the performance characteristics of the car to mimic the driving experience of various other models. As a testament to its capabilities, a prototype version of this software has been installed on a Lexus RZ. This remarkable technology allows the car’s performance to seamlessly transition between emulating a Toyota Passo supermini, a Toyota Tundra truck, and even a Lexus LFA supercar. With ‘On Demand’ software, Toyota is pushing the boundaries of what electric vehicles can offer, creating an unparalleled level of adaptability and versatility.

Now, let’s explore what it’s like to actually drive a Toyota electric car equipped with the groundbreaking manual transmission system. Strap in, because this experience will redefine your perception of electric vehicles.

As you approach the car, the anticipation builds. Starting the car is a familiar procedure, you simply turn the key as you would with any other conventional car. But here is where the magic begins. Once the car is ignited, you navigate the automatic gear selector to ‘D’. However, there’s an additional button labeled ‘Engine Start’ that beckons your attention. Pressing it triggers an incredible sound, reminiscent of a roaring Volkswagen Golf GTI engine. Yes, you read that right, an electric car that sounds like a beloved combustion engine-powered hot hatch. The sensation is surreal, and it instantly transports you back to the days of adrenaline-fueled driving!

Engaging first gear is another delightful throwback to traditional manual transmissions. The shift is short, precise, and satisfyingly responsive. The clutch pedal grants a sense of weight and connection rarely found in an electric vehicle. Just like in a conventional manual car, stalling the engine or executing a seamless clutch slip is entirely possible, adding to the authenticity of the experience.

Once on the move, the true capabilities of this manual transmission system come alive. The acceleration is powerful and exhilarating. Unlike the ordinary Lexus UX 300e, which serves as the base vehicle for this transmission, you become fully immersed in the driving process. The system’s ability to engage the driver creates an entirely new level of involvement and excitement. It becomes easy to forget you’re even inside a UX, a model typically associated with day-to-day practicality rather than a thrilling driving experience. The system’s seamless integration and superb performance elevate the car to new heights, truly delivering on Toyota’s promise to make electric cars captivating.

All the trademark features of a conventional manual transmission are present in this cutting-edge system. Engine braking allows for precise control, while coasting provides a seamless driving experience. However, what truly enhances the authenticity of the manual transmission is the absence of torque when suddenly attempting to accelerate in top gear. This absence is accompanied by a synthesised sound replicating the noise of cabin trim rattling. Although it may sound like a gimmick, the realism is remarkably convincing, adding a layer of immersion and believability to the driving experience.

In conclusion, Toyota’s revolutionary manual transmission system is a game-changer for the electric vehicle industry. By combining the best of both worlds, Toyota has succeeded in creating an electric car that not only offers the environmental benefits of zero emissions but is also undeniably thrilling to drive. With its dedication to preserving the excitement and engagement found in traditional cars, Toyota continues to challenge the perception of electric vehicles as mere commodities. As we eagerly await the launch of this groundbreaking system in 2026, it seems that the future of electric driving is destined to be electrifying in more ways than one.


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