Nissan Pickup Truck on Electric Power Build-Up Following EV SUVs

    Nissan is disrupting its pickup lineup by discontinuing the Titan for the 2024 model year, signaling the brand’s commitment to electric offerings in the truck segment. According to Ivan Espinosa, Nissan Motor Company’s global product strategy and product planning boss, the company plans to invest in electrifying their trucks in the future. However, it remains unclear whether Nissan will opt for a fully electric vehicle (EV) or a hybrid powertrain.

    During a media roundtable at the Japan Mobility Show, Espinosa further discussed Nissan’s plans for an electrified truck. He mentioned that the model would arrive after the release of significant offerings in segments like SUVs. While conflicting rumors circulate about the positioning of the electrified truck, one report suggests it could be a mid-sized pickup with a fully electric drivetrain, providing an alternative to the Frontier. Another story suggests the automaker might transform the next-generation Frontier into an EV, potentially arriving for the 2030 model year.

    In preparation for its electric vehicle production, Nissan is making updates to its Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant in Mississippi, which currently manufactures the Frontier, Titan, and Altima.

    While Nissan explores the possibilities of an electrified truck, the automaker introduced the Surf Out electric pickup concept in 2021, showcasing their vision for a mid-sized EV in this segment. Although the production version of the truck likely won’t feature extravagant details like a transparent nose or a customizable tailgate, the concept demonstrates Nissan’s considerations for an electric pickup.

    As for the 2024 Frontier, Nissan is unveiling a retro-inspired Hardbody Edition. This edition builds upon the SV 4×4 trim, incorporating a style bar, an aluminum skid plate, black fender cladding, and mud flaps. The exterior trim features predominantly black accents, while the interior offers leather upholstery and heated front seats. Powering the 2024 Frontier is a 3.8-liter V6 engine producing 310 horsepower, paired with a nine-speed automatic transmission.

    In conclusion, Nissan is making significant moves in the pickup segment by discontinuing the Titan and focusing on electrification for its future truck offerings. The exact form of electrification, whether fully electric or hybrid, remains uncertain. However, Nissan’s commitment to investing in electrifying its trucks aligns with the growing trend in the automotive industry. With updates to its manufacturing plant and the introduction of the Surf Out concept, Nissan is poised to make a substantial impact in the mid-sized electric pickup market in the coming years.

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