Home Auto Tech Nissan’s Concept 20-23 Envisions High-Performance Electric Hatch for Motorsport

Nissan’s Concept 20-23 Envisions High-Performance Electric Hatch for Motorsport

Nissan’s Concept 20-23 Envisions High-Performance Electric Hatch for Motorsport

Nissan has recently unveiled its latest all-electric concept car, the Concept 20-23, as a tribute to Nissan Design Europe’s 20th anniversary. Designed by a team of young designers at Nissan Design Europe (NDE) in London, the Concept 20-23 envisions a sporty urban electric vehicle (EV) inspired by Nissan’s participation in Formula E and online simulator racing.

The name of the concept car, Concept 20-23, reflects the 20-year presence of Nissan Design Europe in London, as well as the combination of Nissan’s traditional number 23 (ni san) and the current year. The design study also pays homage to Nissan’s bold heritage of hatchbacks.

As an exterior design model, the Concept 20-23 does not come with specific specifications. However, it is described as an urban EV, suggesting that its size is likely similar to a Micra subcompact hatchback.

The Concept 20-23 features a three-door hatchback body style with aerodynamic elements on the front and rear. Deep skirts direct airflow away from the front of the car to cool the brakes, while vents behind the front wheels allow air to escape. The side profile reveals bulged wheel arches filled with large motorsport-style wheels and vented louvers to reduce air resistance in the wheel bay. Extended skirts and angular slits frame the air outlets and inlets for the car’s brakes.

At the back, the Concept 20-23 boasts a large single-piece roof spoiler, a squared-off diffuser, and a horizontal bar. The vehicle’s LED headlights and taillights, featuring a thin upper and lower semi-circle design, provide a friendly appearance. A wide bar underneath emphasizes the car’s width. Additionally, scissor doors, exterior grey paint with textured finish, and the number 23 on the rear three-quarters, contribute to the concept car’s unique aesthetic. A roof scoop is designed to provide additional interior ventilation.

Although the Concept 20-23 is an exterior model only, Nissan’s interior designers have created an interior that complements the vehicle’s wild-looking exterior. The performance-focused cabin features a brace bar across the door openings, two deep bucket seats with large head supports, and an extended steering column ending with a steering yoke equipped with multiple controls and adjustments. While the interior images do not clearly show the two screens displaying vital information, the overall cabin design aligns with the concept car’s fun and sporty nature.

Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan’s Senior Vice President for global design, expressed his excitement about the Concept 20-23, stating that it tells a story of the intersection between modern city living, online gaming, and zero-emissions mobility. However, Nissan has not provided any details about the electric powertrain for the concept car or its future plans for the model.

Despite the lack of information, it is anticipated that the Concept 20-23 will provide design inspiration for future Nissan EVs. With its eye-catching design and sporty features, the concept car showcases Nissan’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric mobility and capturing the spirit of urban driving.


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