Home Supercars Prancing Horse Supercar Experience: A Bucket List Adventure Returning to SA in November

Prancing Horse Supercar Experience: A Bucket List Adventure Returning to SA in November

Prancing Horse Supercar Experience: A Bucket List Adventure Returning to SA in November

Sitting at lunch, as the rain danced on the rainbow of supercars outside, our intimate group shared moments from the day we’ve had, driving millions of dollars worth of enviable vehicles with Prancing Horse’s bucket list offering.

Over 4 incredible courses, and what seemed like a never ending parade of gourmet food, we swapped life stories and laughter, while the anticipation for the drive ahead built.

Throughout the morning, each pair of participants swapped seats, allowing all of the day’s guests to be both driver and passenger. Travelling in convoy, the impressive line up of vehicles wove in and around the tapestry of Adelaide hills vineyards, townships and countryside.

The melodic rumble as gears changed, and the low vibrations through the back of your seat, only hinted at what was under the bonnet, as the high tech, high powered cars stuck the windy roads.

Our day’s hosts from Prancing Horse were the perfect addition to the well planned adventure, and were welcoming and inclusive, making sure those keen to drive, and those a little apprehensive, were all inducted and guided through the workings of each car.

The drive itself, and destinations, are carefully curated, ensuring those travelling from interstate and overseas, and locals alike, are treated to a spectacular showcase of the Adelaide Hills.

Sprawling farmland and vineyards ebbed into Reservoirs, dense forest and clifftops. Orchards dense with ripe apples ready for picking formed a colourful contrasting wallpaper behind the passing vehicles.

With the lead car acting as safety lookout, all pedestrians, cyclists, turning vehicles and obstacles on the road are radioed back to the group, keeping the multimillion dollar convoy, and its passengers safe.

The vivid purple Mclaren is wildy sporty, giving you F1 sounds and power. The Aston Martin is smoother, sleeker, and chic. The Ferrari shows you why it’s king of the road, turning heads at every town we passed through, bright red and vibrant. The Porsche is a classic. Zippy and responsive on the hills road, it was an easy drive and showed you why it’s followed a formula after all these years.

Gorge road was teeth chatteringly good, particularly for the cars with stiff racing suspension. The Lamborghini was particularly bumpy though, giving me a newly found appreciation for the comfort of my family 4WD at home.

While the alpacas and cows grazing in the paddocks didn’t lift their heads to the deep chorus of horsepower passing them by, we rose cheers from young kids, and appreciative nods from older car lovers.

With photo moments aplenty, those wanting to focus on the moment weren’t denied the chance to capture the moment as a photographer on crew, Eric, documented the day. His contribution was well worth the added charge – giving you plenty of moments to look back on and savour.

Prancing Horse travels around the country, returning to the Adelaide Hills in a regular basis. Find out the latest dates here.


  • An exclusive collection of supercars including the new Ferrari F8 Tributo and Lamborghini Huracán EVO (max. 4-5 different models);
  • An incredible 200km+ drive for you and your partner, privately-guided through the beautiful Adelaide Hills (1 complete Supercar Drive Day);
  • Multiple driving sections (8-10) to share the drive throughout the 200km journey, with couples alternating between different supercars;
  • Morning tea at Pike & Joyce Wines and five-course lunch at The Lane Vineyard Restaurant (1 Chef Hat, Australian Good Food Guide 2021);
  • Personal instruction and support with a lead vehicle driven by your hosts, including secure two-way UHF radio communication;
  • Comprehensive vehicle insurance – please note that they never ask customers for a security deposit or bond (conditions apply*);


Book and find out more via the link below.


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