Home Classic Cars Ranking of the Top 5 Fastest Muscle Cars in GTA Online based on Lap Time

Ranking of the Top 5 Fastest Muscle Cars in GTA Online based on Lap Time

Ranking of the Top 5 Fastest Muscle Cars in GTA Online based on Lap Time

The Fastest Muscle Cars in GTA Online Based on Lap Time

Lap time is a crucial factor in determining the fastest muscle cars in GTA Online. While top speed is also important, it may not always be the most useful in races. Therefore, this article focuses solely on lap time.

Note: The lap time data used in this article is sourced from YouTuber Broughy1322, known for their accurate documentation of vehicle performance in GTA Online.

Ranking the Five Fastest Muscle Cars in GTA Online

5) Dominator ASP

– Lap Time: 1:05.732
– The Dominator ASP is only slightly faster in terms of lap time compared to the regular Vigero ZX, with a difference of only 0:00.150 seconds. Nevertheless, this places the Dominator ASP as the fifth fastest muscle car in GTA Online after the San Andreas Mercenaries update.
– The Dominator ASP has an interesting quality in that it is also classified as a Tuner. This makes it eligible for use in Tuner races. However, its performance in Tuner races is not as impressive as its placement in the muscle class, as it is ranked 10th there.

4) Weevil Custom

– Lap Time: 1:05.365
– The Weevil Custom boasts the highest top speed among non-HSW muscle cars in GTA Online. However, its lap time is only the second fastest in the muscle class, coming in after the next car on this list.
– The Weevil Custom can be obtained by converting the regular Weevil, which is already available for free. It offers an all-around excellent driving experience and is recommended for players who enjoy fine-tuning their vehicles.

3) Buffalo STX

– Lap Time: 1:03.463
– Imani Tech vehicles are known for their performance, and the Buffalo STX is no exception. Equipped with a Missile Lock-On Jammer or a Remote Control Unit, the Buffalo STX is one of the fastest muscle cars in GTA Online. It outpaces its HSW counterparts and even has a significant lead over the Weevil Custom in terms of lap time.
– Players on the PS4, Xbox One, or PC will find the Buffalo STX to be the fastest option available to them. Alternatively, players who disable HSW modifications will also prefer this ride.

2) HSW Buffalo EVX

– Lap Time: 1:02.546
– The HWS Buffalo EVX is only slightly slower than the car that holds the top spot on this list. Ultimately, the choice between these two muscle cars comes down to personal preference. Players who prefer an Electric Imani Tech vehicle will find the HWS Buffalo EVX more desirable.
– Electric vehicles like the HSW Buffalo EVX tend to have quick acceleration, making them favorable in races with sharp turns. However, muscle car races on tracks with primarily straight roads may benefit more from the higher top speed of the next car on this list.

1) HSW Vigero ZX

– Lap Time: 1:02.145
– Sitting atop both the top speed and lap time charts for the muscle class is the HSW Vigero ZX. With a top speed of 157.5 mph, it easily secures the fastest overall lap time.
– The HSW Vigero ZX is a reliable choice to win any muscle car race in GTA Online. It is expected to continue dominating its niche and remain within the top three even after the release of GTA 6.


In the realm of lap time, the HSW Vigero ZX reigns supreme as the fastest muscle car in GTA Online. However, each car on this list has its own strengths and may appeal to different players based on personal preferences and the specific race conditions. As always, it’s important to choose the car that suits your driving style and enjoy the thrill of racing in GTA Online.


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