Region’s Assortment of Successful Businesses Showcased in Fast Track 50 Highlights

    The Lake-Geauga Fast Track 50: Recognizing Success and Growth in the Region

    In the bustling economic landscape of Lake and Geauga counties, it’s easy to overlook the diverse range of successful businesses that contribute to the region’s growth and prosperity. However, on the evening of November 2nd, the 2023 Lake-Geauga Fast Track 50 dinner and awards ceremony served as a powerful reminder of the significance of these enterprises.

    Each year, the Fast Track 50 program aims to celebrate and honor the fastest-growing companies in Lake and Geauga counties. The selection process entails evaluating businesses based on their sales growth (weighed at 80%) and employment growth (weighed at 20%) over the preceding five years. After thorough consideration by the Fast Track 50 trustee board, the top performers are categorized as either Established Companies or Emerging Companies, depending on their sales and employment figures from 2018 to 2022.

    The 2023 Fast Track 50 lineup boasts an impressive roster of 25 Emerging and 25 Established companies. Leading the pack among Established Companies is McDowell Real Estate, a prominent residential and commercial real estate brokerage firm headquartered in Mentor. This victory marks McDowell’s second appearance as the top-ranked company in the Fast Track 50, having previously claimed the No. 1 spot in the Emerging Company category in 2021.

    In the realm of Emerging Companies, MG Spices secured the coveted first place. Their exceptional performance as a wholesale supplier of bulk spices and herbs earned them this prestigious accolade in their inaugural appearance at the Fast Track 50 awards.

    An exciting aspect of the Fast Track 50 program is discovering which businesses have earned their first-ever awards. This year, alongside MG Spices, seven other first-time winners made their mark on the Fast Track 50 stage. A & A Masonry specializes in residential masonry and hardscapes, while Apex Dermatology focuses on medical, surgical, and aesthetic dermatology. Fast Friendly Repair and Towing excels in providing automotive repair and towing services, and Nova Manufacturing specializes in precision machining and assembly of products made from various metals and plastics. NutriFit, on the other hand, stands out as a supplement and vitamin retail store with an accompanying e-commerce site. Somich & Associates, a full-service certified public accounting firm catering to family-owned businesses, and Steven Douglas Corp., renowned for designing and building custom-automated manufacturing machines, complete the list of first-time winners.

    Fast Track 50 also reserves special recognition for businesses that have consistently demonstrated excellence by winning awards over the long term. These exceptional achievers are honored through the Fast Track 50 Hall of Fame Awards, with membership levels granted at the fifth, tenth, fifteenth, and twentieth year milestones.

    Joining the prestigious Fast Track 50 Hall of Fame as five-year inductees for 2023 are Defender Auto Glass, a company specializing in on-site auto glass repairs, and Hupp Tax Services, renowned for their expertise in preparing income tax returns for individuals and small businesses. MUM Industries, a leading manufacturer of industrial and residential electrical box enclosures, and Technical Assurance, a renowned building enclosure consulting firm, also secured their spots in the Hall of Fame through their consistent excellence.

    In addition to the five-year Hall of Fame honorees, Essentialware — Global was recognized at the November 2nd ceremony for their Hall of Fame Award achieved in 2022. Unfortunately, due to an oversight by the Fast Track 50 organizers, their recognition wasn’t announced at last year’s event. Essentialware — Global specializes in converting and distributing high-performance textiles and composites.

    This year’s ten-year Hall of Fame inductee is D & S Automotive Collision & Restyling, a company that has been providing unparalleled collision repair and restyling services for vehicles. Finally, NMA CPAs, a firm offering comprehensive financial and tax-related services to individuals and businesses, was honored as a twenty-year Hall of Fame inductee.

    As we reflect on the 2023 Fast Track 50, it becomes evident that successful businesses in Lake and Geauga counties span a diverse range of industries, from manufacturers to real estate brokerages to auto repair specialists. These enterprises share a common commitment to delivering exceptional customer service, recognizing the significance of hiring and retaining talented employees, and achieving impressive sales growth.

    The News-Herald extends warm congratulations to the 2023 Fast Track 50 winners and encourages more businesses to participate in the 2024 edition of these prestigious awards.

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