Rental Management Media Group teams up with JCB to enhance Monster Jam motorsports experience

    JCB and Monster Jam® Join Forces in Partnership

    JCB, a leading heavy equipment company based in Savannah, Ga., has recently announced a multi-year partnership with Monster Jam®, the renowned motorsports experience. This collaboration solidifies JCB as the Official Heavy Equipment Partner of Monster Jam, bringing together two reputed family businesses committed to delivering superior value, performance, and innovation to their customers.

    Monster Jam is widely recognized for its thrilling championships featuring world-class athletes competing on specially engineered dirt tracks. With 350 live events held globally each year, Monster Jam pushes the limits of state-of-the-art trucks, captivating audiences with heart-pounding action.

    As part of this new partnership, JCB will introduce an exciting addition to Monster Jam’s fleet, the JCB DIGatron™ truck. Developed in collaboration with JCB’s engineering team, this truck draws inspiration from JCB’s construction equipment. Notably, the DIGatron will be driven by the reigning Monster Jam World Finals® Racing champion, Tristan England. Fans can anticipate the truck’s grand debut in January at Monster Jam, which will take place at the Alamodome in San Antonio. Interestingly, this city will also be home to a new JCB factory that was announced earlier in October.

    Excitement abounds as Juliette Feld Grossman, Chief Operating Officer of Feld Entertainment, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership: “The Monster Jam and JCB partnership brings together two long-standing, family businesses that are both committed to providing the highest value to our customers, including performance and innovation. We are excited to welcome JCB into the Monster Jam family.”

    In addition to the new truck design, the partnership between JCB and Monster Jam presents opportunities for JCB to connect with its dealerships and customers across more than 100 markets worldwide each year. Furthermore, during selected events featuring the DIGatron, JCB will supply equipment to support track construction, along with a JCB 457 wheel loader vehicle for recovery purposes. JCB will also become an integrated part of the global Monster Jam merchandise program.

    Richard Fox-Marrs, President and CEO of JCB North America, emphasized the significance of the partnership, stating, “Quite uniquely, JCB is still today a family business, as are many of our dealer partners and the customers that we serve. In this industry of hard-working people, we all spend significant time away from our families. Therefore, this exciting new partnership is particularly special as it will provide an all-inclusive family-friendly experience that can be enjoyed by all. JCB prides itself on doing things differently and having a little fun at the same time, so we believe the partnership with Monster Jam and the creation of the JCB DIGatron is a perfect fit.”

    Alice Bamford, daughter of JCB Chairman Anthony Bamford, shared her delight about the collaboration, saying, “Our family is delighted by the partnership between Monster Jam and JCB. Our son, Otis, is the original Monster Jam fan in our family, and it is through his eyes that we realized how incredible it could be to join forces with another family business like Feld Entertainment. Both companies share the same values of innovation, dedication, passion, and attention to detail. We are thrilled about the hours of entertainment that JCB DIGatron, with Tristan at the wheel, will bring to children, families, and our customers across North America.”

    With this remarkable partnership, JCB and Monster Jam are poised to create unforgettable experiences for fans, delivering not only relentless excitement but also a shared commitment to excellence and lasting memories. As both companies push boundaries in their respective fields, their collaboration promises innovation and awe-inspiring spectacles, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the future of Monster Jam events.

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