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Report: American Electric Vehicle Start-Up Suffers $500,000 Loss on Every Vehicle Manufactured

Report: American Electric Vehicle Start-Up Suffers $500,000 Loss on Every Vehicle Manufactured

Lucid Motors Faces Financial Struggles as Sales Targets Go Unmet

Once hailed as a potential rival to electric vehicle giant Tesla, Lucid Motors is experiencing serious financial challenges. The startup’s failure to meet sales targets and its substantial financial losses have put the company on track for another difficult year.

According to reports, Lucid Motors is losing nearly $340,000 (equivalent to over $535,000 in Australian currency) on each vehicle it produces. This significant loss per vehicle is a major concern for the California-based company, which launched production of its ‘Air’ sedan in late 2021. Lucid’s inability to meet delivery targets and retain investors has led to its current financial predicament.

The company’s flagship sedan, the Air, has a list price ranging from $77,400 to $138,000. With estimated losses of around $338,000 per vehicle, Lucid’s financial situation is under significant strain. This year alone, the company produced almost 30% fewer cars in the third quarter compared to the previous three-month period. Lucid’s struggles to ramp up production and meet demand have resulted in estimated losses of nearly $1.26 billion between April and September.

The financial challenges have also affected Lucid’s stock price, which has plummeted in recent years. The company’s share price, which reached a peak of $55.21 in November 2021, has plunged to less than $5 per share, marking an all-time low. This downward trend is further evidenced by a nearly 30% decline in Lucid’s share price this year.

In comparison, Lucid’s electric vehicle competitor Rivian, which started producing its R1T pickup around the same time Lucid launched the Air, loses $110,000 for every vehicle it builds.

The road ahead looks challenging for Lucid Motors. Its struggles to reach production targets and turn a profit have raised concerns about the company’s long-term viability. However, the startup has announced plans to expand into right-hand-drive markets, including Australia and the UK, although not until 2025.

Lucid Motors’ financial woes are a stark reminder of the difficulty faced by electric vehicle startups in the highly competitive automotive industry. As the market continues to evolve, companies like Lucid Motors must navigate challenges such as production delays, investor confidence, and market demand to secure their place in the future of electric mobility.

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Jordan Mulach, originally from Canberra/Ngunnawal and currently residing in Brisbane/Turrbal, is an automotive journalist with a passion for motorsports. With his background in various automotive publications, Jordan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Drive team. An avid participant in iRacing, he can often be found racing his Octavia RS or tinkering with his ZH Fairlane during his free time.

Note: This article is intended to provide an analysis of Lucid Motors’ financial struggles and their impact on the electric vehicle market. It does not constitute financial advice or an endorsement of any specific investment decisions.


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