Restored Classic Mini Transformed into Fully Functional Racing Simulator with Operational Gauges, Steering Wheel, and Pedals

    Classic Mini Cooper Transforms into Full-Size Driving Simulator

    Meet the classic Mini Cooper that has taken on a new and exciting role – it’s now a full-size driving simulator. At first glance, this replica of the blue Cooper featured in the iconic 1969 film The Italian Job may look like any car collector’s dream. However, under the hood, you won’t find a regular engine. Instead, you’ll discover a fully equipped computer system designed to cater to various racing and driving games. And the best part? It’s actually for sale.

    Originally built as a 1974 Mini, this car has undergone a complete transformation to become an authentic replica of the movie car. The attention to detail is remarkable, from the fake gold bars placed in the boot to the original Mini interior that remains intact. The pedals, gear lever, and steering wheel are all as they were back in the day. Additionally, the front wheels are still connected, allowing them to turn left and right just like a functional car. Apart from a touchscreen used to control computer operations, this Mini is virtually indistinguishable from a non-functional vehicle.

    The excitement doesn’t stop there. This particular sim racing rig takes things to the next level. Rather than simply attaching an off-the-shelf force feedback wheel and pedals, the car’s original equipment is connected to sensors that send data to the computer. This creates a more immersive experience for the driver. The rebuilt driver seat is also linked to the computer and offers two degrees of motion to simulate the feeling of g forces while racing. In addition, the car features a banging stereo system with a subwoofer for an enhanced audio experience. Fans blow air as speeds increase, further immersing the driver in the simulated environment. Even the Mini’s gauges are functional, providing readouts on fuel, oil pressure, engine temperature, and speed.

    Under the hood, you won’t find a conventional engine. Instead, the car houses a liquid-cooled PC that comes pre-loaded with several games. For racing enthusiasts, Assetto Corsa is available, while those seeking an authentic Italian Job experience can enjoy Beam NG, complete with an open-world city to explore. The car’s dash features a special control panel that provides quick access to the games, along with accompanying soundtracks to enhance the driving experience. Moreover, the software package includes Steam, allowing for additional driving simulators to be installed.

    The ingenuity behind this creation is attributed to an engineer who boasts extensive experience in building simulators for the automotive and aerospace industries. The attention to detail exhibited throughout the build is truly impressive, complete with hidden Easter eggs for fans of The Italian Job to discover.

    Currently located in the UK, this Mini racing rig is up for auction. As of October 5th, the highest bid stands at £1,200, with four days remaining in the auction. While it is uncertain what the final price will be, similar unique automotive creations in the past have sold for six figures or more.

    Whether you’re a car enthusiast, a lover of The Italian Job, or a dedicated sim racer, this classic Mini Cooper turned driving simulator offers a one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to captivate.

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