Review of Diggs Enventur: A Reliable and Long-Lasting Inflatable Dog Crate

    Keeping Your Dogs Safe and Secure in the Car: A Closer Look at the Diggs Enventur Inflatable Travel Kennel

    When it comes to traveling with our furry friends, safety should always be a top priority. Loose pets in a car can not only distract drivers but can also become dangerous projectiles if not properly restrained. That’s why it’s essential to find the best method to keep your dogs secure while driving. One option on the market is the Diggs Enventur inflatable travel kennel, designed to provide a lightweight, safe, comfortable, and durable solution. However, there are a few flaws with this product that need to be addressed.

    Is the Diggs Enventur crash-tested?

    During testing, I used the medium-sized Diggs Enventur kennel ($475) with my two dogs. While this specific size has not received crash-test certification yet, Diggs assures customers that the smaller kennel ($425) has passed third-party bench seat crash safety tests. Additionally, ongoing testing for the medium-sized kennel is currently underway. Furthermore, Diggs mentioned in a TikTok video that the small Enventur kennel is on its way to being Center For Pet Safety certified. Considering Diggs’ previous experience with CPS certification for their other product, the Diggs Passenger Carrier, it’s likely that the Enventur will achieve this certification as well. Once the Enventur receives CPS certification, it will undoubtedly improve the kennel’s safety rating and provide customers with greater peace of mind, making it worth the investment.

    Exploring the Travel-Friendly Features of the Enventur

    Unlike many other dog travel crates that tend to be bulky and heavy, the Enventur stands out with its portability. I’ve taken it on multiple road trips, and it functions exceptionally well as a crate that easily transitions from the car to a hotel room, Airbnb, or campsite. Its lightweight design and foldable feature make it effortless to transport and set up. Unlike wire crates, I no longer have to worry about smashing my fingers in metal bars while trying to assemble it.

    Moreover, although the medium-sized Enventur has not been crash-tested, it does come with tie-down loops to secure it to the connection points in the cargo space of a car. However, these tie-down straps may not feel as secure as one would hope. Nevertheless, even with this minor issue, using the tie-down straps is still a safer option compared to leaving a loose kennel in the car. Additionally, the Enventur’s slanted back is specifically designed to fit better in a car’s cargo space, allowing for more efficient use of the available room. However, it’s worth noting that the medium-sized kennel didn’t fit in my Ford Bronco Sport without adjusting the seats or turning the crate sideways.

    In terms of cleanliness, the Enventur is incredibly easy to maintain. On one occasion, my puppy vomited in the kennel while we were on the road. Once we arrived at our destination, cleaning the kennel was a breeze. I simply hosed it down, wiped it out, and let it dry. Additionally, due to its inflatable design and overall comfort, the Enventur doesn’t require a separate bed for pups.

    Addressing the Drawbacks of the Enventur

    One major drawback I found with the Enventur is that the tie-down straps and pump are sold separately. Considering the already high price of the kennel (starting at $425) and its intended use as a car crate, it would be desirable for these accessories to be included. The tie-down straps alone add an extra $45 to the total cost, while purchasing the kennel with the pump adds another $75. To save some money, other pumps with the correct connection points could be used, such as those designed for paddle boards or inflatable kayaks. Additionally, the durability of the tie-down straps could be improved, as the closure doesn’t work as effectively as other more robust crate tie-down straps like the Gunner Kennel straps.

    Another issue arises with the manual pump. It requires quite a bit of effort to reach the recommended PSI level for the Enventur, which is between five and ten PSI. If you prefer not to put in the extra work, I highly recommend using an electric pump for faster inflation. An electric pump would also be more travel-friendly compared to the manual pump that can be somewhat inconvenient to carry around.

    During my three months of testing, I didn’t encounter any problems with the zipper door. However, some user reviews have mentioned instances of high-anxiety dogs or strong chewers being able to break through the door. Unfortunately, during the last two weeks of testing, my 6-month-old collie puppy managed to tear a hole in one of the windows, rendering the crate unusable for her. This limitation is disappointing, especially given all the other excellent features of the Enventur.

    It’s important to note that certain factors may have contributed to this issue. For instance, I observed that some of my gear in the trunk was pressing against the window, causing additional stress on the woven material. Once the integrity of the weave was compromised, my puppy was able to chew through it. It’s worth mentioning that my puppy is not a strong chewer, weighing only around 35 pounds at six months old. Therefore, the durability of the windows may be significantly less than what Diggs advertises. As a responsible pet owner, it’s crucial to know your dog and select a car kennel accordingly, especially if you have a pup that tends to chew or scratch.

    Looking Ahead: Crash Testing and Future Updates

    Once the medium and large sizes of the Enventur undergo crash testing and receive certification, it would be pertinent to retest and update this story accordingly. Until then, the small-sized crate is a safe option for dogs weighing under 30 pounds, provided that they are not prone to chewing on the woven components of the crate. We will reach out to Diggs for further information regarding the crash testing process and will update this article as soon as they receive crash testing certification.

    A Satisfactory Solution with Some Caveats

    Despite some significant concerns with the Enventur, it proved invaluable during my travels on multiple occasions. Camping trips with a puppy can present unique challenges, but having a lightweight, portable kennel like the Enventur made it easier to keep my puppy, Dashi, safely contained while I prepared meals or attended to camp-related tasks. Prior to the window incident, I was prepared to recommend the Enventur to most dog owners. However, I can now only recommend it to individuals who are confident that their dogs won’t attempt to chew or scratch through the woven windows or doors.

    Nevertheless, there are still several positive aspects to consider about this crate. Its ease of setup surpasses that of wire crates, and its light weight allows for convenient transportation alongside the pump and any other necessary items. In terms of bulkiness, the Enventur compares favorably to other car crates I’ve tested. Once it becomes crash-test certified, it will undoubtedly justify its price for dog owners with non-chewing pets.

    When choosing a travel kennel for your furry companions, always prioritize their safety and comfort. While the Diggs Enventur inflatable travel kennel offers some noteworthy characteristics, it’s essential to thoroughly assess its limitations to ensure it aligns with your dog’s behavior and needs.

    In conclusion, the Diggs Enventur inflatable travel kennel has its pros and cons. By keeping in mind the potential issues that may arise, pet owners can make an informed decision that prioritizes their dog’s well-being during car travel.

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