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Revised: Ford GT Mk IV Utilized 700 HP, instead of 800 HP, during its Track Debut

Revised: Ford GT Mk IV Utilized 700 HP, instead of 800 HP, during its Track Debut

Ford’s Jaw-Dropping $1.7 Million Track-Only Supercar – The GT Mk IV Makes a Thrilling Debut

It’s hard to believe that almost a year has passed since Ford unveiled the ultimate version of its mid-engine supercar. In December 2022, the automaker surprised the automotive world by introducing the GT Mk IV, developed exclusively for the track. Enthusiasts had the opportunity to witness the breathtaking machine in action at the Velocity Invitational event held at California’s Sonoma Raceway.

The GT Mk IV is an evolution of the Mk II, which was launched in mid-2019 and carried a price tag of $1.2 million. However, this new iteration outshines its predecessor in terms of exclusivity and cost, with a staggering sticker price of $1.7 million. Despite its astronomical price tag, demand for the GT Mk IV is exceeding Ford’s production capacity of 67 units, resulting in a hand-picked selection process for lucky future owners.

The highlight of this track-only supercar is its impressive power output. While the previous model packed a punch with 730 horsepower, the GT Mk IV takes it up a notch, delivering a massive 800 horsepower. During its public debut, Multimatic Development Driver Scott Maxwell showcased the vehicle’s capabilities, albeit not at its full power. Given the track’s twisty nature and narrow corners, Maxwell started the out lap in engine mode 1, providing 500 horsepower, before switching to mode 2, offering 700 horsepower.

Taking a closer look at the GT Mk IV, its stripped-out cabin, full roll cage, and a pair of bucket seats give it an unmistakable track-focused presence. Hand-assembled by Multimatic in Canada, this car pays homage to the iconic 1967 Le Mans-winning legend, featuring a carbon fiber longtail body and an elongated wheelbase.

In terms of performance, the GT Mk IV boasts a bespoke six-speed Xtrac racing transmission for lightning-fast gear shifts, amplifying its exhilarating driving experience. The twin-turbo EcoBoost engine, despite its eco-friendly connotations, creates an astonishingly loud roar. Equipped with Multimatic Adaptive Spool Valve (ASV) dampers and Michelin racing slicks, this supercar generates a mind-blowing 2,400 pounds of downforce at speeds of 150 mph.

Scott Maxwell highlights the incredible downforce achieved by the GT Mk IV, stating that the car feels firmly planted to the ground even at high speeds. This sensation of stability almost diminishes the perception of speed, even when pushing the car close to its top speed of 186 mph. Ride-along experiences, such as the one captured by YouTuber Shmee, further emphasize the GT Mk IV’s prowess on the track and its ability to deliver an adrenaline-pumping experience.

As enthusiasts eagerly await the limited production and delivery of the GT Mk IV, Ford’s track-only supercar continues to redefine the boundaries of automotive engineering and performance. With its eye-watering price tag and awe-inspiring capabilities, this car serves as a testament to Ford’s commitment to pushing the limits of what is possible in the realm of supercars.

[Include 5 photos of the GT Mk IV in action and detail shots of its design and features]

Closing thoughts:
The GT Mk IV has undoubtedly cemented its place as a legend in the automotive world. With its unprecedented power, meticulous engineering, and track-focused design, this track-only supercar embodies the pinnacle of performance and exclusivity. Ford’s creation has undoubtedly captivated the hearts and minds of enthusiasts worldwide, leaving us eagerly anticipating the next jaw-dropping revelation from the esteemed automaker.


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