Home Motorsport Ritomo Miyata Aims for Prestige in Victorious Battle Against Lawson

Ritomo Miyata Aims for Prestige in Victorious Battle Against Lawson

Ritomo Miyata Aims for Prestige in Victorious Battle Against Lawson

Miyata’s Championship Hopes Soar as Lawson Dazzles in F1 Outing

With the final two races of the season just around the corner, TOM’S driver Miyata holds a valuable eight-point lead over Lawson in the Super Formula championship standings. In the race for the title, defending champion Tomoki Nojiri is trailing behind by a mere two points.

Lawson, who has recently made a significant impact in the Formula 1 paddock as a substitute for Daniel Ricciardo at AlphaTauri, will be hoping to capitalize on his newfound exposure. Despite missing out on a full-time seat for the upcoming season, Lawson’s performances have not gone unnoticed.

As the Super Formula series gears up for its return after Lawson’s temporary promotion to Formula 1, Miyata believes that his rival’s elevated standing can only benefit his own future prospects. Miyata faces the daunting task of fighting against both Lawson and Nojiri, who have amassed a total of five race wins between them this season.

The championship holds extraordinary importance for Miyata, as he acknowledges that clinching the title could open doors to opportunities on a global scale. He also recognizes Lawson’s desire for the championship but is determined to showcase his own abilities and prove that he is faster than a Formula 1 driver.

Despite the challenges posed by his rivals, Miyata remains optimistic about his chances. And with the championship victory, he hopes to solidify his own path toward international racing success.

The recent announcement of Ryo Hirakawa’s position as a McLaren reserve driver in Formula 1 has reverberated throughout the Japanese racing community. Many speculate that this move signifies a closer partnership between Toyota and McLaren in the future, potentially impacting Miyata’s career.

Acknowledging the significance of Hirakawa’s opportunity, Miyata reveals that he has already shared his dreams and aspirations for his future racing career with Toyota’s Chairman Akio Toyoda and President Koji Sato. He expresses gratitude to Toyota for their support in allowing him and Hirakawa to pursue their aspirations.

This weekend’s Super Formula finale holds great significance for Miyata as it presents the opportunity to achieve his long-awaited goal of becoming eligible for an FIA superlicence, which would allow him to compete in Formula 1.

Due to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the FIA has adjusted its rules for superlicence eligibility. Drivers who had their three-year window for accumulating points include the years 2020 or 2021 can now consider their best three scores from their most recent four seasons.

Miyata requires 15 points from the 2023 season to reach the target of 40 points. He has already earned 15 points from his 2020 Super Formula Lights title win and an additional 10 points from finishing fourth in Super Formula last year.

To secure his superlicence, Miyata needs to finish as low as third in the final championship standings. Even if he fails to score any points in the remaining races, his closest rivals, Hirakawa and Sho Tsuboi, would need exceptional performances to surpass him in the overall standings.

As anticipation builds for the thrilling conclusion of the Super Formula season, all eyes are on Miyata and his quest for championship glory. With Lawson’s F1 exploits captivating the racing world, Miyata sees an opportunity to prove his worth and catapult himself onto the global stage. The Super Formula finale promises exhilarating action and high stakes as the drivers battle it out for ultimate supremacy.


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