Home Car Culture San Diego Metro Magazine: Embracing a timeless legacy as it propels into the future

San Diego Metro Magazine: Embracing a timeless legacy as it propels into the future

San Diego Metro Magazine: Embracing a timeless legacy as it propels into the future

The Mind-Blowing Transformation of the San Diego Automotive Museum and Its Impact on the World!

Imagine a place where the rich history and innovation of the automotive industry come to life, a place that captivates the hearts and minds of millions of car enthusiasts from around the world. Welcome to the San Diego Automotive Museum (SDAM), a hidden gem nestled in Balboa Park. This museum is on a mission to preserve and tell the story of motorized vehicles, showcasing their social and technological impact on society both in the past and present, and even giving us a glimpse into the future. And thanks to the generous support of the Barnhart-Reese Family, this museum is set to become one of the nation’s greatest treasures.

The recent strike by the United Auto Workers has once again brought the auto industry into the spotlight. The impact of this strike on jobs and the economy is evident, highlighting the significant role that the auto industry plays in our country. But beyond the national headlines, cars hold a special place in the personal histories of San Diegans. Whether it’s the memories of our first car or the joy of cruising down the streets of San Diego, cars are woven into the fabric of our lives.

It is precisely these personal and national histories that the San Diego Automotive Museum strives to preserve and celebrate. Located right here in Balboa Park, the museum aims to be the ultimate storyteller of the automotive industry. From the first time we held a steering wheel to the exhilaration of a solo ride, the museum captures and shares these cherished memories and stories. With its vast collection, exhibitions, and educational programs, the SDAM offers a journey through time, showcasing the evolution of motorized vehicles and their impact on our culture.

The San Diego Automotive Museum holds a rich history of its own. Originally built in 1935 as the California State Building for the California Pacific Exposition, it has undergone various transformations over the years. During World War II, it served as a National Guard Armory before being repurposed as the Balboa Park Conference Center in the post-war era. In 1980, a group of local automotive enthusiasts proposed the idea of an automotive museum, and after years of overcoming obstacles, the San Diego Automotive Museum finally opened its doors in 1988.

Over the past 35 years, the museum has become a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike. Its exhibitions have showcased the history of Japanese car manufacturing, the stories behind “Unpopular Mechanics,” and the distinct cars used in films and TV shows. The museum has also paid tribute to the troops and immersed visitors in the world of bootleggers. Notably, it has become a hub for the vibrant low-rider community of San Diego, with rotating exhibitions featuring local cars that capture the unique essence of this cultural phenomenon.

But in order to fulfill its mission and become a world-class venue for car enthusiasts, the museum realized that it needed a tune-up. That’s where the Barnhart-Reese Family and their construction company stepped in. With their expertise and support, the museum is undergoing a major renovation, both inside and out, to reflect the innovative spirit of the industry it celebrates.

The exterior of the museum has been restored to its original 1935 fa├žade, complete with Mayan-revival accents, new paint, and beautifully restored tile murals depicting California’s industrial progress. The parking lot has been transformed into a lush park, creating a welcoming entrance for visitors. Inside, the Berg Family Automotive Library, a treasure trove of automotive-related literature, is undergoing a remodel to enhance the visitor experience. Roesling Nakamura Terada Architects has been instrumental in designing these renovations, ensuring that every detail reflects the essence of the San Diego Automotive Museum.

But the transformation doesn’t stop there. The museum has embarked on an ambitious $23 million capital campaign to fund its expansion. With a 25-year lease from the City of San Diego, the museum plans to create more exhibition areas, a new entryway, event spaces, and classrooms. The expansion will increase the museum’s size from 37,000 to 56,000 square feet, allowing for a more extensive display of cars and motorcycles. It will also provide additional educational spaces, where aspiring young minds can learn about the industry and hands-on experiences with vehicles and motors.

The success of the capital campaign will not only modernize the museum’s infrastructure but also enable it to reach underserved communities. CEO Lenny Leszczynski envisions an expansion of existing programs and partnerships that benefit those who have been historically underrepresented in this industry. One such program is the Career Technical Education Academy for low-income youth, which equips them with automotive industry knowledge and mentors for a successful future. The museum also collaborates with local schools and organizations, fostering a love for cars and culture in the younger generation.

The San Diego Automotive Museum’s transformation is not only significant on a local scale but also on a global level. San Diego and its southern neighbor Tijuana have been designated as the 2024 World Design Capital, the first cross-border region to receive this prestigious distinction. This recognition highlights the region’s reputation for innovation and its vibrant arts and cultural scene. The San Diego Automotive Museum, with its remarkable exhibitions and contributions to the community, is poised to be a key player in this global design showcase.

The world of automobiles is constantly evolving, and the San Diego Automotive Museum is evolving right alongside it. Thanks to the support of the Barnhart-Reese Family, the museum is well on its way to becoming a world-class institution that celebrates the past, present, and future of the automotive industry. As you walk through the doors of the museum, you’ll be transported to a world where the love for cars connects people, where memories are preserved, and where innovation takes center stage. So, whether you’re a die-hard car enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates the impact of automobiles on our lives, the San Diego Automotive Museum is the place to go. Get ready to be amazed!


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