Home Auto Tech Saskatchewan Polytechnic participates in Shell Eco-marathon World Championship Series competition

Saskatchewan Polytechnic participates in Shell Eco-marathon World Championship Series competition

Saskatchewan Polytechnic participates in Shell Eco-marathon World Championship Series competition

Saskatchewan Polytechnic Shatters Records in the Shell Eco-marathon World Championship

Saskatchewan Polytechnic has once again made headlines with its outstanding performance at the Shell Eco-marathon World Championship Series. Competing against students from all over the globe, Sask Polytech secured a remarkable eighth-place tie with its incredible urban concept car, achieving an astonishing result of 214 km/l.

This marks the second time that Sask Polytech has participated in the prestigious Shell Eco-marathon World Championship Series. The team’s urban concept car had previously clinched first place at the Shell Eco-Marathon Americas Challenge, held at the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway in April. Their victory in the Americas Challenge served as their golden ticket to the highly anticipated final in India.

Dr. Larry Rosia, President and CEO of Sask Polytech, expressed his immense pride in the students. He said, “We are incredibly proud of our students who qualified for the Shell Eco-marathon international competition. These students are great innovators, utilizing recycled materials and eco-friendly techniques in constructing their car. They did an exceptional job showcasing their talents and the benefits of their Sask Polytech education on a global stage. Although the team may feel disappointed with the results, our students and faculty put forth an extraordinary effort and deserve to be proud of our achievement amongst such strong international competition.”

Tim Muench, Head of the Design and Manufacturing Engineering Technology program, shared his enthusiasm for the students’ international recognition. Muench stated, “I am ecstatic that our students had the opportunity to compete on an international level once again. The team drew inspiration from Saskatchewan’s prairie culture, incorporating recycled carbon fiber hockey sticks into the car frame. The urban concept car also boasts a 35cc ice auger engine with a customized fuel injection system and a steering wheel made of flax fiber. Over the past year, the students have continuously improved the car’s systems, enhancing reliability. I am incredibly proud of our team and their dedication to innovation.”

Curious about the specifics of the Sask Polytech eco car? Here are the details:

– Weight: 107 kg
– Engine: 35cc Honda ice auger, 1.25hp
– Frame: Recycled hockey sticks
– Body shell: 3D printed with low infill for a hollow structure
– Transmission: 8-speed derailleur

The Shell Eco-marathon World Championship brought together twelve outstanding student teams from around the world, all striving to push the boundaries of energy efficiency and innovation. The competition delivered an exhilarating race for both speed and energy efficiency.

Sask Polytech’s students have been diligently working on their urban concept car since September 2022, dedicating their time to designing, building, refining, and testing the vehicle for maximum energy efficiency. The car’s design caters to city driving, taking into account comfort, luggage space, and fuel economy. It could potentially serve as a future commuter car, adhering to specific requirements such as two doors, four wheels, full lighting, horn, brake functions, and a windshield wiper.

Under the guidance of Muench and faculty advisor Andrew Baerg, students from various Sask Polytech programs, including Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET), Design and Manufacturing Engineering Technology (DMET), Machinist, and Automotive Service Technician (AST), have been collaborating on this energy-efficient car since September 2022.

Sask Polytech’s participation in the Shell Eco-Marathon dates back to 2017, with its students consistently showcasing a strong commitment to energy efficiency and innovation. Congratulations to the team for qualifying for the Shell Eco-marathon World Championship in India!

The Shell Eco-marathon stands as one of the world’s leading student engineering competitions, focusing on energy optimization. Participating teams are challenged to design, build, and drive the most energy-efficient vehicles. The competition evaluates and compares energy efficiency results across different vehicle classes and energy categories, inviting teams from various academic institutions to compete.

As Saskatchewan Polytechnic continues to make waves in sustainable development, it remains dedicated to promoting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Sask Polytech proudly supports the SDG Accord, aligning its efforts with global sustainability initiatives.

In conclusion, Saskatchewan Polytechnic has once again demonstrated its prowess and commitment to sustainable engineering with its outstanding performance in the Shell Eco-marathon World Championship. The team’s remarkable achievements reflect their innovative use of recycled materials and eco-friendly technologies. With their thorough dedication and relentless pursuit of energy efficiency, Sask Polytech has solidified its position as a world leader in polytechnic education.

(Source: Saskatchewan Polytechnic)


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