Search Underway for Suspects Following Shooting Incident Involving Officer

    Taleesa Buchanan’s Horrifying Night: Bullets Pierce Home, Miraculously No Injuries Reported

    In a terrifying incident, Taleesa Buchanan found herself caught in the crossfire as bullets pierced her home while she slept. Waking up to debris falling on her arm, she looked up to see two bullet holes in her television and two more just inches above the couch she was on. The chilling incident occurred on the 1000 block of Clement Road in Akron, Ohio, on a Friday night at around 11:20 p.m.

    Buchanan’s 13-year-old daughter was also inside the house and had taken cover on the floor to protect herself from the bullets that had traveled through two rooms. She alerted her mother, saying, “Mommy, somebody is shooting,” but Buchanan hadn’t heard the gunshots outside their home. Thankfully, neither Buchanan nor her daughter were injured, and her youngest child, sleeping on the other side of the house, remained unharmed.

    Akron police later revealed that the shots had been fired during a police chase on Clement Road, as a vehicle fleeing from an officer fired at Buchanan’s home. The officer and everyone else involved in the incident escaped unscathed. The involved vehicle was eventually found on Monday afternoon and is currently being processed, according to Akron Police Captain Michael Miller.

    When interviewed about the incident, Buchanan expressed her relief that no one was hurt. She emphasized the importance of the incident’s impact in highlighting the growing issue of gun violence in Akron.

    In the moments leading up to the attack on Buchanan’s home, an Akron police officer had heard a gunshot while parked at South Arlington Street and East Archwood Avenue. Within seconds, he spotted a silver Chrysler Pacifica speeding away from the scene, reaching around 80 mph, as per the Akron Police Department’s news release.

    The officer initiated a pursuit of the vehicle and managed to catch up to it on Clement Street near Reed Avenue. It is believed that the occupants of the car deliberately waited for the officer to approach before firing their weapons and fleeing from the scene. Although the officer activated his cruiser’s lights and siren, one of the vehicle’s passengers continued to fire shots in his direction.

    Unfortunately, police lost sight of the vehicle on Kelly Avenue near Wyley Avenue. Both the officer and the cruiser remained unharmed throughout the incident. It has been reported that at least two high-caliber rifles were used during the exchange, although specific details pertaining to the firearms have not been disclosed.

    Security footage retrieved from Buchanan’s door security system provides a disturbing visual of the incident. The video captures the moment the vehicle speeds away, tires screeching, while seven shots are fired, three of which hit Buchanan’s property. One bullet struck her car, pierced through the rear passenger door, shattered the back window, and lodged itself in the side of her house.

    Meanwhile, the remaining two bullets pierced the side of Buchanan’s home, narrowly missing her and her daughter before striking the television and entering an unoccupied room. Although relieved that no one was injured, Buchanan expressed concern over the financial impact of the incident, as she had to replace both the television and her car’s rear window.

    Due to the unavailability of the rental home’s maintenance company over the weekend, the bullet holes in Buchanan’s residence were not filled until Monday morning, exacerbating the already tight budget for repairs. Buchanan voiced her determination to overcome these challenges, acknowledging the setback this incident posed to her family’s holiday plans and gift shopping for her children.

    In light of this shocking event, Akron police are actively searching for those responsible for the shooting. Anyone with information related to the incident is urged to contact the Akron Police Department Detective Bureau at 330-375-2490 or 330-375-2Tip. Alternatively, anonymous tips can be provided by texting TIPSCO to 274637 or by downloading the Akron PD app and sending a message to Tips411.

    As the investigation into this alarming incident continues, it serves as a sobering reminder of the growing issue of gun violence that Akron and many other communities across the United States face. The safety and well-being of innocent lives, like Taleesa Buchanan and her family, are at stake, urging society to come together to address this pervasive problem and strive towards a safer future for all.

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