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Singapore hosts impressive performance from Australian officials

Singapore hosts impressive performance from Australian officials

Australian Officials Shine in Singapore: Promoting Gender Diversity in Motorsport

Friday 27 October, 2023

In an extraordinary display of talent and dedication, five female Australian senior medical officials recently made headlines at the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix. Their outstanding performance not only showcased their expertise in the field but also represented a significant step towards enhancing gender diversity in motorsport.

Motorsport Australia, in collaboration with the Singapore GP Organising Committee and the global FIA “Women in Motor Sport” campaign, proudly supported the initiative. The aim of this joint effort was to promote gender diversity and provide future career opportunities for women in the industry.

The delegation of five senior medical officials consisted of Dr. Jen Coleman and Dr. Tamara Johnson, along with nurses Natalie Borg, Phoebe Garrett, and Jessica Gondek. Combined, these remarkable women brought an impressive 26 years of Formula 1 medical team experience to the table.

Their venture into the Singaporean Grand Prix not only allowed them to contribute to the medical team but also provided a unique opportunity to observe and learn from the Singapore medical team’s practices. The knowledge gained during this experience will undoubtedly lead to the development of new ideas and programs that will benefit medical teams in Australia.

Dr. Coleman, who serves as the Deputy Chief Medical Officer for the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix, expressed her excitement and appreciation for the initiative. She believes that such opportunities are crucial for fostering relationships between medical teams, promoting participation of women, and advancing motorsport medicine as a whole.

“This has been an extraordinary opportunity for our senior medical officials to observe the Singapore medical team and be able to develop ideas and programs that we will bring back to Australia,” Dr. Coleman said. “Opportunities like this are so important to foster the relationships between medical teams, where we are already seeing a greater percentage of women participating, but also to promote motorsport medicine in general.”

Michael Smith, Motorsport Australia’s Director of Motorsport and Commercial Operations, hailed the success of the initiative. He emphasized the importance of programs like this in enhancing skills, learning best practices, and experiencing world-class events. Smith lauded the collaboration with the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix and its exceptional medical team, which provides Australian medical crews with invaluable opportunities for growth and knowledge exchange.

The dedication and enthusiasm displayed by the Australian senior medical officials impressed Dr. Brent May, the Chief Medical Officer of the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix. He praised the officials and acknowledged that their experience in Singapore would contribute to further enhancing medical systems within their own team.

“The dedication and enthusiasm of these amazing senior medical officials is so impressive,” Dr. May stated. “They will no doubt use this experience to further enhance our own systems within the medical team and I am told we will be considering the addition of a karaoke machine to morning briefings.”

The FIA Women in Motor Sport Commission has been instrumental in promoting the participation of women at all levels in motorsport. By challenging pre-existing stereotypes and encouraging women to consider careers both on and off the track, the Commission aims to empower more women in the industry.

The medical team, in particular, has been at the forefront of this change. In the 2023 Australian F1 medical team, women constituted 43 percent of the workforce, while in the Singaporean medical team, women accounted for an impressive 53 percent.

The success of these Australian officials in Singapore not only highlights their individual achievements but also serves as an inspiration for other women considering careers in motorsport. Their accomplishments mark a significant step towards achieving gender diversity and fostering a more inclusive environment within the sport.

As the motorsport community celebrates the incredible achievements of these female Australian senior medical officials, it is evident that their exceptional performance will have a lasting impact on the future of motorsport. By breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes, they have paved the way for greater opportunities and advancements in gender diversity within the industry.

In conclusion, the Australian officials’ shining moment in Singapore serves as a testament to the power of collaboration, determination, and inclusivity in motorsport. Their achievements will undoubtedly inspire future generations and encourage them to pursue their dreams in a field traditionally dominated by men.

With continued efforts and initiatives like this, the day is not far when gender equality becomes the norm in motorsport, allowing talent and expertise—regardless of gender—to shine on the global stage.


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