SKYE: The Multi-Terrain Electric Vehicle Built to Brave Extreme Weather and Road Conditions

    CALLUM’s SKYE: The Ultimate Multi-Terrain Electric Vehicle

    CALLUM, a design and engineering business, has introduced SKYE, a cutting-edge concept electric car crafted for both on- and off-road adventures. Serving as CALLUM’s inaugural electric vehicle, SKYE is a testament to the company’s commitment to innovation, as it was fully conceived, designed, and engineered in-house. With its ability to traverse meandering roads, grassy paddocks, gravel tracks, pristine sand, muddy paths, and even snow-clad landscapes, CALLUM’s SKYE is the go-to vehicle for travelers seeking thrilling and diverse journeys.

    One significant feature of this multi-terrain electric vehicle is its fully enclosed cabin design, which effectively blocks out external noise and ensures that no unwanted objects find their way into the vehicle. CALLUM claims that SKYE is even quieter than traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, showcasing its ability to minimize external sounds. The engineering and testing of CALLUM SKYE are currently underway in the UK and Europe, with further details about its specific features and versions tailored for on- or off-road use expected to be revealed in the spring of 2024.

    SKYE’s cabin can comfortably accommodate four passengers in a two by two layout, making it ideal for group adventures in off-road terrains. With a length of four meters, SKYE keeps its mass to a minimum, enhancing its agility and maneuverability. Ian Callum, the head of design at CALLUM, describes the driving experience of SKYE as sheer joy. The vehicle’s distinctive exterior design is characterized by a prominent accent loop, a robust horizontal structure, and stylish organic shapes at the front and rear. Overall, the design strikes a fine balance between minimalism and understated style.

    The integrated glass in the lower section of SKYE’s doors is another interesting feature. Despite its integration, it maintains excellent visibility in various conditions, ensuring a clear view for passengers. Equipped with a robust space-frame chassis designed for off-road capabilities and a suspension system built for trails, SKYE offers exceptional ground clearance for tackling different terrains. For those interested in technical specifications, SKYE is powered by a 42kWh lithium-ion battery, providing an approximate range of 170 miles on a full charge. Moreover, owners have the option to choose an advanced battery that enables ultra-fast charging, allowing SKYE to reach full charge in under ten minutes.

    To achieve a lightweight design, CALLUM aims for SKYE to weigh around 1,150 kilos. The weight distribution is meticulously balanced at 50/50, resulting in exceptional handling and performance. The vehicle is expected to accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than four seconds, demonstrating its impressive power and agility. Adam Donfrancesco, the head of engineering at CALLUM, emphasizes the team’s focus on creating a vehicle that is not only unique and versatile but also highly durable. Their engineering approach aims to ensure that SKYE performs exceptionally well on various off-road terrains while offering excellent comfort and handling for on-road experiences.

    For enthusiasts eager to experience the extraordinary capabilities of this multi-terrain electric vehicle, CALLUM encourages them to register their interest in SKYE on their website. As the company continues its rigorous testing and development, the anticipation for the official release of SKYE grows. Witness the dawn of a new era in electric vehicle technology and prepare to embark on unforgettable adventures with CALLUM’s groundbreaking creation—SKYE, the ultimate multi-terrain electric vehicle.

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