Sotheby’s and Motorsport Network Collaborate to Launch Sotheby’s Motorsport

    Sotheby’s Motorsport: The Ultimate Online Auction Destination for Luxury Car Enthusiasts

    In a world where online shopping has become the norm, it was only a matter of time before the automotive industry embraced the trend. Enter Sotheby’s Motorsport, a revolutionary new online auction platform that caters specifically to the high-end market of 21st-century sports, exotic, and luxury vehicles.

    This groundbreaking venture is a joint effort between two industry powerhouses – RM Sotheby’s, the world’s largest auction house by total sales, and Motorsport Network, a globally recognized voice for motorsport and automotive industries. By combining the expertise and resources of these two acclaimed brands, Sotheby’s Motorsport aims to elevate the online car auction experience to new heights.

    The primary focus of Sotheby’s Motorsport is luxury vehicles priced between $100,000 and $1,000,000. This carefully selected range ensures that only the most elite and desirable automobiles make it onto the platform, setting it apart from other online auction sites that cater to a wider variety of budgets.

    One of the key advantages offered by Sotheby’s Motorsport is its commitment to providing a high-touch experience for users. While traditional online car auctions may lack the personal touch associated with in-person auctions, Sotheby’s Motorsport seeks to bridge the gap by offering a level of service, confidence, and client satisfaction that is unmatched in the industry.

    Chip Perry, Chief Executive Officer of Sotheby’s Motorsport and former founding CEO of, expressed his belief that the high-end segment of the automotive market deserves a superior level of service. Perry states, “Sotheby’s Motorsport is a true luxury experience that is designed to serve this untapped market. With this new experience, both buyers and sellers can have confidence knowing that we have vetted the vehicles, bids, and will deliver a white-glove service from start to finish.”

    To ensure a seamless transaction process, Sotheby’s Motorsport takes care of every aspect for sellers, starting from the creation of the online listing. From arranging professional photography and videography to conducting detailed inspections and even managing the transfer of ownership documents and funds, Sotheby’s Motorsport is a comprehensive solution that simplifies the selling process for luxury vehicle owners.

    For buyers, the platform offers a range of features designed to enhance the bidding experience. Each listing includes high-resolution images of the interior, exterior, engine bay, and undercarriage, as well as driving videos and a comprehensive third-party inspection report or detailed seller disclosure. Additionally, buyers can make use of the Proxy Bidding feature, allowing them to set a maximum bid and secure their desired vehicle without the need to be present at the end of the auction.

    Sotheby’s Motorsport sets itself apart by ensuring that all bidders are thoroughly vetted in advance, ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment for both buyers and sellers. This commitment to safety and transparency gives users peace of mind when participating in the auction process.

    Registrations for the inaugural auctions, set to take place during Monterey Car Week, have already opened. This prestigious event provides an ideal platform to showcase the exceptional vehicles available on Sotheby’s Motorsport. With bidding opening on August 15 and the auction concluding on August 22, automotive enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating this grand event.

    Although currently only available for buyers globally and sellers with vehicles registered in the United States, Sotheby’s Motorsport has plans for international expansion next year. This means that luxury car enthusiasts from around the world will soon have the opportunity to engage in the unforgettable experience offered by this groundbreaking platform.

    Sotheby’s Motorsport is revolutionizing the way luxury vehicles are bought and sold. With its high-touch approach, comprehensive listing features, and commitment to client satisfaction, it has cemented its place as the ultimate online auction destination for discerning automotive enthusiasts. Whether you are a buyer in search of the perfect luxury vehicle or a seller looking for a seamless, white-glove experience, Sotheby’s Motorsport is the platform that caters to your every need.

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