Stylish Glimpse into Future EVs with the Debut of Pininfarina Pura Vision SUV Concept

    Automobili Pininfarina recently unveiled their latest design concept called Pura Vision, a groundbreaking luxury electric vehicle (e-LUV) that is set to usher in a new era of electric luxury. The concept will serve as inspiration for the future lineup of pure electric luxury vehicles from Automobili Pininfarina.

    The Pura Vision made its public debut at the Monterey Car Week, where it shared the stage with the Battista Edizione Nino Farina hyper GT and another new production vehicle from the brand. Despite its impressive size, measuring 205.3 inches long, 84.5 inches wide (including mirrors), and 64.6 inches high, the Pura Vision exudes a sense of elegance and class.

    The design of the Pura Vision is a delightful blend of classic proportions and intricate detailing. The concept takes inspiration from the iconic 1947 Cisitalia, which was the first vehicle to be included in the Museum of Modern Art’s collection in New York. The low hood and high fenders pay homage to the Cisitalia, creating a harmonious fusion between the golden era of automotive design and the modern electric future.

    One cannot help but admire the Pura Vision’s exterior highlights, such as the narrow glasshouse, tri-opening pillarless doors, hidden headlights, ultra-slim daytime running lights, and ultra-slim horizontal LED lights. The athletic body is adorned with a Bianco Sestriere Gloss paint, which beautifully contrasts with the exposed carbon fiber lower elements and gloss black floating roof. The side profile is dominated by the striking cab-rear proportions, short overhangs, and 23-inch alloy wheels finished in a matte black hue.

    The Pura Vision also boasts an innovative panoramic roof with a fixed “biscotto” center section that features LED lighting. This section seamlessly connects the expansive windshield with the tailgate and serves as the support for the large curved single-piece side windows. The unique door configuration adds to the concept’s allure, with front doors that hinge upward and rear doors that open from the back, providing unrestricted access to the spacious 2+2 seating cabin.

    Stepping inside the Pura Vision, one is met with a luxurious and technologically advanced cabin. The interior draws inspiration from the world of luxury sailing yachts, evident in the suspended “floating” front seats and the center console resembling a sail’s boom. The expansive dashboard extends the lines of the hood into the cabin and houses an intuitive central touchscreen, advanced digital instrumentation, and a configurable head-up display.

    The mix of materials used in the cabin is nothing short of spectacular, featuring charcoal leather, soft semi-aniline leather, signature textile fabric, exposed carbon fiber, and anodized aluminum. These elements come together to create an exceptional and inviting space.

    While specific details about the all-electric powertrain were not disclosed, Automobili Pininfarina assured that the vehicles influenced by the Pura Vision will be designed, developed, and manufactured in Italy, incorporating advanced technologies pioneered at the company’s Digital Innovation Hub in Germany.

    In conclusion, the Pura Vision concept from Automobili Pininfarina represents a significant step towards an electrified luxury future. Its elegant design, innovative features, and luxurious cabin all contribute to setting a new standard for electric luxury vehicles. With its astounding debut, the Pura Vision has left car enthusiasts eagerly anticipating the forthcoming pure electric luxury vehicles that will follow in its footsteps.

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