Sullivan Collector Car Auctions, an Affiliation of BigIron Company, Celebrates Remarkable Online Auctions with 100% No Reserve Docket

    Carthage, Illinois Hosts Record-Breaking Collector Car Auction

    Car enthusiasts were drawn to Carthage, Illinois, as Sullivan Collector Car Auctions, a division of BigIron, held its highly anticipated 100% No Reserve online auction on October 30, 2023. With a lineup of 274 No Reserve collectible vehicles, the event captivated the collector car community and garnered widespread attention from bidders across the country.

    The Variety that Sets the Auction Apart

    Joe Sullivan, from Sullivan Auctioneers, highlighted the distinguishing factor of this year’s auction – the incredible variety of vehicles on display. He emphasized that the auction’s continued success can be attributed to their unwavering commitment to presenting a consistently high-quality lineup of collector cars.

    Commitment to Quality and Consistency

    Echoing this sentiment, Franklin Langham, Vice President of BigIron, emphasized the importance of consistency and unyielding dedication to quality. These principles have solidified their reputation as leaders in the collector car industry. Craig Hoyer, the Collector Car Auction Manager, has played a pivotal role in maintaining exceptional standards, driving the company’s success and establishing BigIron’s Collector Car Division.

    Looking Forward to 2024

    Joe Sullivan shared his excitement for the future, expressing his eagerness to gather an even more impressive lineup of vehicles for the 2024 auction. The October event has become the pinnacle of their year, showcasing the most noteworthy cars, and they anticipate continuing the tradition of awe-inspiring dockets.

    Noteworthy Top Five Cars

    Among the remarkable cars that commanded attention and fetched notable prices during the auction were:

    1. 1960 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible: Sold for an impressive $90,250.
    2. 1969 Shelby GT350 Fastback: Sold for $86,375.
    3. 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 R Code 428 Cobra: Sold for $83,000.
    4. 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge: Sold for $75,000.
    5. 1970 Plymouth Road Runner: Sold for $70,500.

    Comprehensive Auction Results

    Registered bidders can access comprehensive auction results by visiting the Oct 30, 2023 – Sullivan Collector Car Auction page. For enthusiasts, the next 2-Day Sullivan Collector Car Auction is scheduled for February 19th and 20th. Stay updated by liking and following the Sullivan Collector Car Facebook page for regular docket updates and details about the upcoming February auction. To explore the full range of auction listings, please visit and Bidders can secure their participation by registering at This streamlined process ensures hassle-free registration, enabling bidders to seamlessly engage in upcoming auction events.

    BigIron: Revolutionizing the Auction Process

    As a leading online auction platform, BigIron connects buyers and sellers of various items, including farm equipment, construction equipment, transportation equipment, industrial machinery, real estate, livestock, and collector cars. With a commitment to exceptional customer experiences, BigIron continues to revolutionize the way people engage with the auction process.

    In conclusion, the collector car auction held in Carthage, Illinois, was a tremendous success, captivating car enthusiasts and attracting attention nationwide. The auction’s variety, commitment to quality, and consistent high standards have solidified Sullivan Collector Car Auctions as leaders in the industry. Excitement is already building for the 2024 auction, which promises to be even more remarkable. With a lineup of remarkable cars and comprehensive auction results available, enthusiasts can stay informed and prepare for the upcoming auctions by visiting the Sullivan Collector Car website. BigIron remains dedicated to providing exceptional customer experiences and revolutionizing the auction process across various categories.

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