Supercar Blondie takes a first-hand look at Motley Crue’s long-abandoned jet, now available at an affordable price

    Are you a lifelong fan of Mötley Crue? Well, here’s your chance to own a piece of rock ‘n roll history: the band’s private jet! This Learjet 35, launched in 1973, was primarily used by businessmen and the military. However, it was also famously utilized by one of the most notorious rock bands of all time.

    During their peak of popularity, Mötley Crue traveled across the globe for their shows. Lead singer Vince Neil, wanting to ensure his comfort and the ability to bring his dogs along, invested in a private jet. This 1985 Learjet 35 is now up for sale at a surprisingly low price.

    The jet, with the tail number N21VN representing ‘November 21st, Vince Neil,’ has a top speed of 519mph and burns approximately 197 gallons of fuel per hour. However, it’s important to note that the engine and log books are missing, reducing its value significantly. Estimates suggest that rebuilding the engines alone would cost at least $200,000, and bringing the jet up-to-date with inspections would require an additional $100,000.

    Furthermore, it appears that the jet has been sitting unused, possibly due to the original engines violating noise regulation laws. To address this issue, one would need to invest an additional $800,000 to purchase giant mufflers. Thus, while the initial price tag seems like a steal, potential buyers should be aware of the substantial costs involved in making the jet airworthy.

    So who might be interested in purchasing this unique piece of rock history? Perhaps an avid Mötley Crue superfan or an ambitious mechanic with a passion for restoring classic aircraft. In any case, owning this private jet would undoubtedly be an incredible conversation starter and a tangible connection to one of rock ‘n roll’s most iconic bands.

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