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    Demand for EVs is high, so why are electric car sales sluggish?

    The Future of Electric Vehicles: A Closer Look at the Slowdown in Sales and the Challenges AheadSales of electric vehicles (EVs) have hit a roadblock in recent times, raising concerns about the future of the EV transition. Despite initial growth, EV sales have leveled off at around 9% of the new car market, and even dipped at the beginning of this year. Major car...

    Cold spraying coatings technology takes center stage at Euro 7

    Enhanced Cold-Spraying Capabilities: The Answer to Emissions Regulations and Air Pollution ReductionAir quality in major cities has been a longstanding concern, particularly in mature economies. While the latest sustainable electric propulsion vehicles have improved emissions technology, the promise of an emissions-free future is not entirely accurate. A recent study conducted by the LOW environmental impact BRAke SYStem (LOWBRASYS) project reveals that brake wear contributes...

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