The Bridge VII: Mastering the Art of Car Staging

    The Bridge: United States’ Premier Automotive Event

    The seventh edition of The Bridge reaffirmed its position as an elegant and exclusive event in the world of American automotive events. Held at the golf club located on the historic Bridgehampton Race Circuit near Sag Harbor, New York, this exhibition pays homage to the races that took place at the track for nearly 50 years. The focus of the event is on post-war sports and competition cars that either raced or could have competed at Bridgehampton during its heyday. Each year, a carefully selected collection of over 150 cars of significant interest are featured.

    The Bridge stands out from other events of its kind due to its picturesque location and the exceptional selection of cars on display. The Bridge Golf Club still maintains elements and architecture reminiscent of the former racetrack, providing an artsy juxtaposition of cars on its grounds.

    Photographer Kevin Arechiga captured the essence of this extraordinary event, showcasing the finest moments and most captivating cars. The exhibition showcased a range of vehicles, from the timeless elegance of Lamborghinis and Bentleys to the cutting-edge performance of McLarens and Bugattis. This year, the event celebrated Lamborghini’s 60th anniversary, Pagani’s 25th anniversary, and Bentley’s 20th anniversary, as well as bidding farewell to the W12 engine. Rolls-Royce also introduced its Spectre, and Bonhams exhibited unique cars ahead of its upcoming fall auctions.

    One of the highlights of the exhibition was Czinger Vehicles’ 21C V Max, a groundbreaking car designed using human-AI collaboration and additive manufacturing. The aura of the event was further enhanced by the presence of Zenvo Automotive’s all-new Aurora model, Eccentrica’s exclusive prototype based on the iconic Lamborghini Diablo, and Lucid’s Air Sapphire and Air Pure. The display of these remarkable machines showcased the intersection of art and engineering.

    Apart from the grand exhibition, The Bridge featured several ancillary events, such as the Friday evening Collectors Reception, which expanded to include 160 vehicles due to the cancellation of the Saturday main event. The historical society associated with the Bridgehampton Race Circuit also hosted a Cars & Coffee event, providing an opportunity for the public to experience the beautiful cars and rich history of the track.

    The Bridge has become a melting pot for automotive passion and culture, blurring the lines between rarity, historical significance, and perceived elite status. The event truly celebrates the diverse and captivating world of cars, embodying the essence of automotive enthusiasts from all walks of life.

    In conclusion, The Bridge is not just an automotive event, but rather a magical gathering of automotive masterpieces and enthusiasts. It creates a space where cars become art, and automotive culture flourishes.

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