The Honda Prelude Returns! Introduction of Electric-car Prototype, Retail Model to Follow

    Honda is set to revive its iconic sports car nameplate, the Prelude, with an electric-powered concept unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show. The concept showcases the design direction for the upcoming electric Prelude, which is expected to hit showrooms by the end of the decade. Honda previously announced plans for two electric sports cars, with the Prelude revival being the smaller and more affordable model. While Honda has not confirmed if the production car will carry the Prelude name, the concept’s design suggests it is ready for production with only minor tweaks. Limited technical details have been revealed, but it is unclear whether the electric Prelude will be rear-wheel drive like the S2000 or front-wheel drive like the previous generations. The concept features a sleek design, reminiscent of the new Toyota Prius, with clean surfaces and no extravagant aerodynamic details. Honda CEO Toshihiro Mibe stated that development of the electric Prelude is progressing, but no specific launch date has been announced. Japanese media reports suggest a targeted launch year of 2028. The concept holds the promise of being an introduction to Honda’s electric sports cars. Photos of the concept reveal a stylish and sporty design, further adding to the anticipation for the production model. Despite the lack of concrete details, Honda enthusiasts eagerly await the return of the iconic Prelude nameplate and anticipate the performance and driving experience the electric version will offer.

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