Home Motorsport The Presence of Two AAA Forza Titles on Game Pass: Forza Motorsport Highlights Why it Works

The Presence of Two AAA Forza Titles on Game Pass: Forza Motorsport Highlights Why it Works

The Presence of Two AAA Forza Titles on Game Pass: Forza Motorsport Highlights Why it Works

Forza Motorsport’s Arrival on Xbox Game Pass: A Welcome Alternative for Sim Racing Fans

For simulation racing fans, the release of Forza Motorsport on Xbox Game Pass in early October was a highly anticipated addition to Microsoft’s extensive gaming library. With numerous arcade-style racing games available on Game Pass, the arrival of the Turn 10 Studios title offers enthusiasts a refreshing alternative in the form of a simulation racing game. This provides players looking for a more challenging racing experience with an enticing option compared to the arcade racing of Forza Horizon 5. It also showcases why both Forza titles can coexist on the Game Pass platform.

Accessibility Transitions for Forza Horizon Fans

The accessibility features found in Forza Motorsport make it easy for Forza Horizon fans to make the leap to sim racing. These features ensure that even those accustomed to the casual and laid-back formula of Forza Horizon games can navigate the world of simulation racing without feeling overwhelmed. Forza Motorsport’s simulation-focused gameplay remains at the forefront regardless of the options players choose. However, it also allows players to customize their experience to handle similarly to their arcade-style counterparts.

The Beneficiary of Forza Horizon 5’s Success

Turn 10 Studios’ Forza Motorsport benefits greatly from the success of Forza Horizon 5. Notably, the stunning visuals in Forza Motorsport are a direct result of the refined ForzaTech engine, which was initially utilized to bring the beautiful landscapes of Forza Horizon 5’s Mexico to life. Consequently, the tracks in Forza Motorsport closely resemble their real-world counterparts, enhancing the realism and immersion of the gameplay experience.

Furthermore, the popularity and success of Forza Horizon 5 have garnered increased attention and awareness for the release of Forza Motorsport. Players who were previously inclined towards arcade-style racers are now more willing to give the sim racing-focused title a try, thanks to the renewed popularity of the franchise. The inclusion of Forza Motorsport in the Game Pass library further enables players to explore the game without the need to purchase a retail copy.

A Perfect Pairing of Sim and Arcade Racing

Forza Motorsport seamlessly combines in-depth mechanics suitable for sim racing purists with accessibility options that cater to newcomers to the genre. This makes it an ideal counterpart to the arcade adventures of Forza Horizon 5. Each game offers its unique appeal and polished spin on the racing genre, making it evident that there is ample space for both AAA Forza titles on the Game Pass platform.


Forza Motorsport’s arrival on Xbox Game Pass provides simulation racing fans with a refreshing alternative to arcade-style racing games. The accessibility features make it easier for Forza Horizon fans to transition to sim racing without feeling overwhelmed. The success of Forza Horizon 5 has significantly benefited Forza Motorsport, attracting more players to the franchise and increasing awareness. With its inclusion in Game Pass, players have the opportunity to try Forza Motorsport without the need for a retail copy. Overall, Forza Motorsport proves that there is room for both simulation and arcade racing games in the Forza series on the Game Pass platform.


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