Home Eco-Friendly Drives This Conversion Startup Makes It Possible to Turn Your Gas Car into an Electric Vehicle

This Conversion Startup Makes It Possible to Turn Your Gas Car into an Electric Vehicle

This Conversion Startup Makes It Possible to Turn Your Gas Car into an Electric Vehicle

The “Back to the Future” Car Gets an Electric Upgrade: Ampere EV Retrofits Old DeLorean

Atlanta-based EV conversion startup, Ampere EV, is giving the iconic “Back to the Future” car, the DeLorean, a futuristic upgrade. Ampere EV has developed an aftermarket kit that converts gas-powered cars into fully-electric vehicles. Their most recent project involved transforming an old DeLorean into an impressive electric vehicle that can reach 60 mph in just over 4 seconds.

While car enthusiasts may not consider the DeLorean as an ideal candidate for an electric conversion due to its lackluster motor and poor suspension, Ampere EV’s innovative approach has proven otherwise. By integrating a Tesla Motor and a comprehensive ecosystem consisting of controllers, batteries, and high-voltage junction boxes, Ampere EV has successfully turned the DeLorean into a high-performing electric vehicle.

Behind Ampere EV is CEO Matt White and his team of engineers and car enthusiasts. White’s automotive background, growing up with a car salesman father and his own experience racing cars in Florida and Georgia, inspired him to create Ampere EV. He recognized the demand for electric vehicle options for current gas-powered cars and set out to provide a solution.

Ampere EV initially raised $2 million through bootstrapping before securing a loan from the Small Business Association (SBA). Their breakthrough came after participating in the Specialty Equipment Manufacturer Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas, where they gained significant traction. Since then, Ampere EV has been targeting car restoration companies and classic car enthusiasts.

Traditional “gearheads” have shown great interest in transitioning their beloved car models into an electric future for various reasons. The performance of electric vehicles appeals to them, as they can enjoy high-performance without the complexity and frequent servicing required by traditional vehicles. Additionally, the environmental benefits of reducing emissions attract those who want to stay “green” while driving a quick and quiet vehicle.

Ampere EV’s unique business model and product have the potential to change the way consumers perceive the accessibility of electric vehicles. They are one of several EV-focused startups emerging in the Southeast, including Flux Hybrids, a North Carolina startup specializing in transforming gas cars into hybrids, and EV charging startups like Resilient Power, Condoit, and EnviroSpark.

In conclusion, Ampere EV’s aftermarket kit that retrofits cars from gas-powered to electric shows great promise in the EV industry. The conversion of a classic DeLorean into a high-performing electric vehicle demonstrates the potential of Ampere EV’s technology. With other EV startups emerging in the Southeast, the region is becoming a hub for innovative electric vehicle solutions.


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