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Top Five Automotive Job Postings This Week

Top Five Automotive Job Postings This Week

Here are five exciting automotive job postings that we found for this week:

1. Dallas, Texas:
McLaren is seeking individuals who can directly interact with customers, addressing any issues they may have regarding their ownership experience. While the job listing doesn’t specify prior experience, strong communication skills and customer relations experience, including complaint handling, are emphasized.

2. Attleboro, Massachusetts:
Sensata Technologies is looking to hire candidates with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience for various engineering tasks. The job involves working collaboratively in teams on designs, feasibility studies, and more.

3. Dallas, Texas:
Cox Automotive is offering a full-time position related to vehicle auctions. If you have at least a year of photography experience, along with skills in digital processing, this could be an excellent opportunity for you. The job listing specifically mentions the requirement for “safe drivers” due to the nature of the role.

4. Atlanta, Georgia:
An exciting software-centric job opportunity awaits in Atlanta. The company is seeking someone with digital product experience to support the launch and growth of a dealer websites platform. A minimum of five years of experience and a bachelor’s degree are required, while a master’s degree is preferred.

5. Farmington Hills, Michigan:
Join Nissan in working with crash dummies! This role requires an associate’s degree in an automotive-related field and four years of experience. Your responsibilities will include setting up and calibrating dummies according to NHTSA, NCAP, IIHS, or Nissan requirements, among other tasks.

Whether you are passionate about cars or have a specific skill set related to the automotive industry, these job opportunities may be the perfect fit for you. Make sure to explore the Motorjobs.com website for more employment options in the global automotive and related industries. Happy job hunting!


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