Home Travel & Road Trips Transcript of Wednesday’s Press Conference for F1 – 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix

Transcript of Wednesday’s Press Conference for F1 – 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix

Transcript of Wednesday’s Press Conference for F1 – 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton Excited for F1 Race in Las Vegas

Lewis Hamilton, along with other F1 drivers, expressed their excitement for the upcoming race in Las Vegas. Hamilton described the city as “amazing” and mentioned that he had seen the movie ‘Casino’ multiple times, which made the experience even more surreal. He also credited the team’s hard work for their recent success, despite not having the fastest car. Hamilton acknowledged that it would be challenging to compete for second place in the championship, but he was grateful for the progress they had made this season.

Pierre Gasly Reflects on Netflix Cup and Recent Performance

Pierre Gasly talked about his experience at the Netflix Cup and how much fun he had playing golf with the pros. He mentioned that while he had some embarrassing moments on the course, it was an enjoyable day overall. Gasly also discussed the improvement in performance that AlphaTauri has seen in recent races. He credited the team’s upgrades and aggressive strategies for their progress and expressed optimism for the remaining races.

Yuki Tsunoda and Alex Albon Discuss Team Battles

Yuki Tsunoda and Alex Albon talked about the ongoing battle between AlphaTauri and Williams in the Constructors’ Championship. They acknowledged that Williams had a slight advantage, but they remained focused on maximizing their performance and capitalizing on any opportunities. Tsunoda also expressed the team’s determination to finish the season strong and continue their development for the future.

Sergio Perez’s Perspective on the Championship Fight

Sergio Perez shared his perspective on the championship fight and emphasized the importance of focusing on their own performance. He mentioned that it would be great to secure second place in the championship but emphasized the need to have a strong finish to the season. Perez also discussed the challenges of jetlag during the busy race schedule and expressed confidence in his ability to manage it.

The Drivers’ Thoughts on the Las Vegas Race and Future Developments

The drivers shared their thoughts on the upcoming race in Las Vegas and what they expected from the track. They mentioned the unique challenges of the circuit, including the long straights and low downforce setup. They also discussed potential areas for gaining time and the importance of tire management. The drivers acknowledged that the unpredictable nature of the track made it difficult to predict their performance but expressed confidence in their teams and their ability to adapt.

Lewis Hamilton’s Perspective on F1 Showmanship and Positive Impact

Lewis Hamilton commented on the balance between sport and showmanship in F1 and the positive impact the sport can have on local communities. He emphasized the importance of engaging with fans and inspiring young people through initiatives like bringing kids to the track. Hamilton also expressed his support for future races in Africa and his desire to make a positive impact on the continent.

The Drivers’ Thoughts on Fatigue and Jetlag

The drivers discussed the challenges of the busy race schedule, fatigue, and jetlag. While some drivers acknowledged the difficulties of managing their schedules and sleep, they also highlighted their commitment to preparation and optimizing their performance. They mentioned strategies for managing jetlag and emphasized the importance of physical and mental preparation during the demanding season.

Overall, the drivers expressed their excitement for the upcoming race in Las Vegas and their determination to finish the season strong. They discussed their recent performances, team battles, and the challenges they face during the busy race schedule.


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