Unearthing a Rare 1967 Astra X-300 GT in Georgia

    Title: Rare 1967 Astra X-300 GT: A Garage Find Gems

    The car enthusiast community was thrilled when a rare 1967 Astra X-300 GT surfaced in a garage in Woodstock, Georgia. This American sports car from the 1960s has a fascinating history and is sought after by collectors. Let’s delve into the details of this remarkable vehicle, its creator, and its significance in the American automotive industry.

    Fast Facts – The Astra X-300 GT:
    – Jim Kellison, an Air Force veteran with a background in engineering, designed the Astra X-300 GT. He founded Kellison Engineering and Design, which contributed to the growing American kit car industry.
    – Balancing performance with affordability, the Astra X-300 GT quickly became a popular alternative to expensive European sports cars. Its lightweight build and powerful engine made it a formidable competitor on both roads and race tracks.
    – As part of the vibrant American fiberglass car culture of the ’50s and ’60s, every Astra X-300 GT was unique. It’s uncertain how many units were produced in total.

    The Great Jim Kellison:
    Seattle-born Jim Kellison had a passion for cars and began his journey in the automotive world within the hot rod scene in California. With his fascination for aircraft design, he joined the Air Force and later opened his own body and fender repair shop at a young age.

    The Birth of the Astra X-300 GT:
    During the 1950s, fiberglass gained popularity as a lightweight and affordable material for constructing car bodies. In 1957, Jim Kellison began working on the first J-series car design, utilizing fiberglass for the body. These designs were met with success, and Kellison cars started making appearances in automotive magazines.

    The Astra X-300 GT:
    The Astra X-300 GT was an improved version of the original Kellison J-4 model. Its upgraded design included a slightly increased roofline for improved headroom, subtle body changes, and a new oval-shaped grille. The Astra chassis, based on the Kellison chassis, was exclusive to this model.

    The 1967 Kellison Astra X-300 GT:
    Recently unearthed in a Georgia garage, the 1967 Astra X-300 GT is still in possession of its second owner. This car, powered by a running 289 V8 engine, is now being offered for sale. The vehicle requires a full restoration, making it an exciting project for enthusiasts willing to get it back on the road.

    The rarity and historical significance of the 1967 Astra X-300 GT make it a treasure for car collectors and enthusiasts. This garage find exemplifies the ingenuity of Jim Kellison and the impact of American fiberglass car culture. As it awaits restoration, this Astra X-300 GT opens up possibilities for an aspiring restorer to revive its glory, ensuring the preservation of automotive history.

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