Unveiling the Purpose behind Brown’s Camaro-Commodore Texas Expedition

    Breaking News: Australian Supercars Champion Will Brown Substituting for Brodie Kostecki at Richard Childress Racing

    In an unexpected turn of events, newly crowned Supercars champion Will Brown has stepped in as a supersub for Brodie Kostecki at Richard Childress Racing (RCR) in the United States this weekend. Brown’s last-minute call-up comes after Kostecki had to undergo tonsil surgery, preventing him from fulfilling his assignment with the renowned NASCAR team at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) in Austin, Texas.

    But what exactly is RCR campaigning in Texas, and why have they enlisted an Australian driver to compete? The event in question is the final round of the World Racing League, a predominantly amateur competition that features a multi-class structure based on power-to-weight ratios. RCR has been a regular participant in this race in recent years to enhance the road racing skills of its drivers.

    Under RCR’s Garage 57 banner, the team has entered two Camaro-bodied, Chevrolet LS3 V8-powered machines in the event’s 83-car entry list. Joining Brown in the driver line-up are RCR Cup Series drivers Kyle Busch and Austin Dillon, as well as Xfinity Series rookie Jesse Love. Additionally, RCR has brought its ex-Image Racing VF Commodore Supercar to COTA, using it for practice sessions to give the drivers extra mileage.

    The purpose behind RCR’s participation in the World Racing League is to provide its drivers with valuable track time outside the busy NASCAR season. Andrew Dickeson, an engineer at RCR, stated that the team realized the benefit of this race back when Tyler Reddick was driving for them. This year, RCR has even built a brand-new car specifically for the event, resembling an Xfinity/Late Model car.

    The World Racing League follows a simple rulebook based on power-to-weight ratios, allowing for straightforward scrutineering after each race. As Dickeson explained, at the end of the race, the cars drive straight onto the scales for weighing and subsequently onto a chassis dyno to measure their power output. This pass/fail process ensures fair competition within the race.

    While the Commodore won’t compete in the event, its presence at COTA signifies a continuation of RCR’s testing program that has taken place throughout the year. The similarities between the Car of the Future-era Supercar and the Next Gen NASCAR used in the Cup Series make the Commodore an ideal test car that complies with the strict regulations set by the US category.

    Both Brown and Kostecki have had the opportunity to test the Commodore alongside Busch and Dillon during their time in the US. According to Dickeson, the main goal on Friday will be to have both cars running simultaneously, with the drivers rotating throughout the day to maximize their laps. This collaborative approach aims to push each driver to improve and learn from one another, resulting in mutual growth and success.

    As Brown takes the wheel at RCR this weekend, fans and racing enthusiasts can’t help but wonder how he will fare in this new environment. With his impressive Supercars championship victory under his belt, all eyes will be on Brown as he faces this exciting challenge in the World Racing League at COTA. Stay tuned for updates and results from this extraordinary event.

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