Utah Businesses Revolutionizing Vehicle Maintenance

    Utah and Idaho Companies Revolutionize Vehicle Maintenance with Auto Finance Plus

    Few states rely on cars as much as Utah and Idaho, with 96% of households in these states owning a vehicle, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. However, with rising industry prices, there are concerns about the stability of the market. To address these concerns, the Young Automotive Group and America First Credit Union have teamed up to make vehicle maintenance easier for car buyers.

    On March 15, 2021, the Young Automotive Group launched Auto Finance Plus, a buyer’s incentive program available to their customers who finance through America First. This five-year package offers eight service visits at any group dealership. The visits include tire rotations, multi-point vehicle inspections, alignment checks, one-time key replacements, and oil and filter changes.

    Oliver Young, the Chief Operations Officer at the Young Automotive Group, highlighted the value of Auto Finance Plus for car buyers, calling it a game changer. Purchasing a vehicle is a major investment, and removing the need to budget for upcoming maintenance can greatly benefit buyers.

    In addition to convenience, the package is also a savvy decision for vehicle owners. According to Joseph Yoon of Edmunds, the average age of a vehicle trade-in for 2023 is 5.3 years. This means that many buyers can stay on the Auto Finance Plus program for the majority of their ownership, avoiding potential inflation in maintenance costs.

    Both the Young Automotive Group and America First Credit Union have been prominent organizations in Utah communities for decades. They have collaborated on various projects, including sales events and philanthropic initiatives. With a combined service of 183 years, the companies have witnessed market changes and believe that Auto Finance Plus will revolutionize car buyers’ expectations.

    With 29 locations in Utah, Idaho, and Montana, the Young Automotive Group offers Auto Finance Plus at all their dealerships. The program is available for both new and used vehicle purchases.

    For more information on Auto Finance Plus and to take advantage of this innovative program, visit

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