VicOne and Block Harbor Collaborate to Launch Groundbreaking Integrated Workflow-Based Cybersecurity System for Automotive OEMs and Tier 1 Suppliers, Ensuring Safety in Software Defined Vehicle Design and Maintenance

    Joint Automated Solution Shaves Time for Identifying and Resolving Security Vulnerabilities, Ensuring the Protection of Evolving Software Defined Vehicles and Associated Systems

    Dallas & Tokyo, November 15, 2023– VicOne, a leader in automotive cybersecurity solutions, has unveiled its first joint solution with Block Harbor since its investment in the company earlier this year. The collaboration between VicOne and Block Harbor has resulted in an integrated workflow-based system that is specifically designed for the automotive industry, providing actionable intelligence to cybersecurity design teams, the Vehicle Security Operations Center (VSOC), and Product Security Incident Response Teams. This groundbreaking system aims to help automakers generate revenue from software-enabled feature releases and maintenance while ensuring the security of evolving software-defined vehicles and their associated systems. Significantly reducing the time-consuming manual and siloed process of identifying and resolving security vulnerabilities, this solution enables automakers to implement more frequent software updates and effectively manage the ever-growing threat perception.

    The combined VicOne and Block Harbor solution introduces a modular framework that addresses cybersecurity planning and remediation for software-defined vehicles on a large scale. By leveraging Block Harbor’s expertise in cybersecurity design and operating production systems, along with VicOne’s vast threat intelligence and market-leading vulnerability disclosures spanning over 30 years, this solution provides continuous threat monitoring and enhances the accuracy of cybersecurity posture over time. The collaboration bridges the gap between design and maintenance teams, facilitating faster and more efficient design iterations that learn from cybersecurity posture during the vehicle deployment and maintenance lifecycle.

    The integrated solution from VicOne and Block Harbor employs a modular system to manage cybersecurity design and fixes in software-defined vehicles at scale. Upon discovering a new threat or vulnerability, the system immediately assesses the impact and severity of the risk, empowering automakers to make informed decisions and assign the appropriate actions to address the issue promptly.

    Additionally, the system allows design teams to query production data and improve designs, utilizing a continuous learning model on the digital twin of the vehicle for further testing. Software feature releases can be rapidly and reliably tested for cybersecurity, with vehicles able to receive updates over the air (OTA). The modular system is designed using open standards to ensure secure connectivity to various data sources. This design flexibility enables users in the automotive industry to choose their preferred deployment model based on their cybersecurity roadmap.

    As Brandon Barry, CEO of Block Harbor, emphasizes, “Driver and passenger safety is paramount for carmakers, particularly with the ever-increasing threat of cyberattacks on software-defined vehicles. As vehicles become more dynamic, with frequent software changes and feature releases, we are simplifying the maintenance of vehicle cybersecurity throughout its lifecycle, safeguarding future revenues and ensuring the safety of advancements in mobility.”

    For more detailed information on the integrated workflow-based solution from VicOne and Block Harbor, and related use cases, please refer to the VicOne white paper, available for download on their website.

    About VicOne:
    VicOne is committed to securing the vehicles of tomorrow by providing a comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity software and services for the automotive industry. Purpose-built to meet the stringent requirements of automotive manufacturers, VicOne solutions ensure the security and scalability necessary for modern vehicles. As a subsidiary of Trend Micro, VicOne benefits from over 30 years of cybersecurity expertise, offering unrivaled automotive protection and invaluable security insights, enabling customers to build secure and intelligent vehicles. For further information, visit

    About Block Harbor:
    Established in 2014 following the Jeep Hack, which drew attention to the cyberattack risk on vehicles, Block Harbor has continuously operated at the forefront of vehicle cybersecurity. Collaborating with leading automakers, suppliers, and auditors, Block Harbor consistently solves new challenges and develops tailored solutions. Block Harbor’s platform, the Vehicle Security Engineering Cloud (VSEC), combined with their Vehicle Security Operations team and Vehicle Cybersecurity Labs team, positions them as industry leaders in the mobility ecosystem. Learn more at

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