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Vidales and Fraga Aim to Secure Super Formula Seats in 2024

Vidales and Fraga Aim to Secure Super Formula Seats in 2024

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Vidales and Fraga, who both raced for B-Max in the secondary category this year, are known to be targeting a limited number of seats in Super Formula open to drivers not affiliated with either Honda or Toyota.

Spanish driver Vidales made the move to Japan this season from FIA F3, but suffered a disappointing season that culminated in from withdrawing from all three races in last weekend’s Motegi finale amid concerns about the behavior of his car.

“It was the only choice after Thursday and Friday practice,” Vidales told Motorsport.com. “We already had some problems all year, but especially last time at Okayama, and we hoped this weekend we could solve those after reviewing the car at the factory.

“But when we went on track, the problems were still there, and there were some other problems that made the car feel unsafe to drive. It didn’t make sense to go into qualifying and risk a crash.”

Can you believe it? Vidales’ shocking decision to withdraw from the races has sent shockwaves through the Super Formula racing world! What’s really happening behind the scenes?

Vidales concluded the season ninth in the standings with a single podium finish at Okayama.

“In terms of results, this year has been very far away from what I was expecting,” he reflected. “We have been far away, not even close to being able to fight for something.

“I was one of the fastest in pre-season testing, but after that things started to get worse, and I was sometimes not even within a second of the top guys. You can feel if you did a good lap or not, so there must be something wrong when you are one second off.”

Prepare to be shocked! Vidales opens up about his disappointing season, revealing the immense struggles and mysterious issues plaguing his career. What went wrong?

Vidales has ruled out staying in Lights, and is known to have held discussions with multiple Super Formula teams about a step up to the main category for 2024.

The 21-year-old, who is managed by the same Monaco Increase Management stable that previously oversaw Alex Palou’s career, is now waiting to hear if he will be able to participate in the post-season test at Suzuka on December 6-8.

Will Vidales get his shot at redemption? The anticipation is growing. Find out if Vidales can prove his potential in the upcoming post-season test!

“It’s my goal to be there in the rookie test, and hopefully I can get a chance that at least allows me to show my potential and qualities, and race there next year,” he said.

“Doing another year in Super Formula Lights is not going to happen, that’s for sure. My priority is Super Formula, otherwise we’ll have to find something else.”

Is Vidales ready to take on the big leagues? The stakes are high, and everyone is waiting to see if he can seize the opportunity of a lifetime!

Vidales’ team-mate Fraga enjoyed a more positive conclusion to the season at Motegi as he scored two podiums to cement fourth place in the standings, making him second-best of the rookie contingent behind Honda junior Shun Koide.

Drama intensifies! Fraga’s impressive performance raises eyebrows and puts him in the spotlight. How did he manage to turn the tide in a cutthroat championship?

Gran Turismo Esports star Fraga scored his first win back in the second round of the season at Sugo, but said it took him until the penultimate round at Okayama to find strong form.

Unbelievable revelation! Fraga discloses his struggles and unveils the secret behind his sudden surge in performance. It’s a story you won’t want to miss!

“When we entered this season, we struggled a lot to find the right balance with the car,” the Japan-born Brazilian told Motorsport.com.

“We had many weekends early in the season where we practiced in the wet and qualified in the dry, so I could start well, but I was always defending from someone, never attacking. In the middle of the season, we had better weather and we fell behind a lot.

“At the end of the season we finally found a direction and got back up to speed up to more, since the practice of Okayama, where we had a day extra and we had good weather. We found a good solution and the performance has been much higher since then.”

Incredible! Fraga spills the beans on the rollercoaster ride that defined his season. The twists and turns will leave you on the edge of your seat!

On his 2024 plans, he added: “Hopefully we are able to join the [Super Formula] test in December. Still, we don’t know, but the goal is to step up. Then in SUPER GT, most likely I will stay in the same team [Arnage Racing].”

What’s next for Fraga? The anticipation builds as he sets his sights on the upcoming test. Will he achieve his dreams of greatness?

Fraga previously tested for Team Impul in last year’s post-season Super Formula test, but it’s understood that his only chances in 2024 are with Honda-powered teams.

Additional reporting by Kunihiko Akai

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