Volvo’s Debut Electric Minivan Features a Roof-Mounted Screen for Movies and Zoom Calls

    Volvo EM90: The Ultimate Luxury Electric People Mover

    Volvo has been generating much anticipation for its latest creation, the EM90. With its sleek and boxy silhouette, this all-electric vehicle promises to revolutionize the world of people movers. Boasting opulent features and cutting-edge technology, the EM90 is set to dominate the market, particularly in China where it is already available for pre-order. Joining Volvo’s lineup of all-electric SUVs, the EX30 and EX90, the EM90 aims to provide a sophisticated and tech-saturated riding experience for up to six passengers.

    Powering the EM90 is a formidable 116kWh battery pack, allowing for an impressive range of 738km (458 miles) on a single charge, as per the Chinese CLTC testing cycle. Charging time from 10 to 80 percent is expected to be under 30 minutes, ensuring minimal downtime for users. The EM90 shares a similar propulsion system with the recently released EM90 SUV, featuring a 268bhp electric motor that propels the vehicle from 0-62mph in approximately 8.3 seconds.

    Stepping into the EM90, passengers are transported into a realm of luxury akin to the experience of traveling in Business Class. The middle row of seats is equipped with lavish amenities such as tray tables, a massage program, heating and cooling functionality, and the option to slide backwards and forwards or recline completely for maximum comfort and relaxation. The row behind maintains a more conventional design while still offering exceptional comfort.

    Volvo has placed great emphasis on the seats in the EM90, highlighting their plushness and refinement. The second-row lounge seats feature “zero gravity cushions” with a seven-layer structure and a thickness exceeding 120mm. These cushions include high-density damping layers for optimal comfort and support.

    As for the interior, Volvo has collaborated with Qualcomm Technologies to incorporate the latest Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms, ensuring an ultra-fast and seamless digital experience. The EM90 is constantly connected to the 5G network, enabling passengers to fully utilize their time on the road. A 15.6-inch HD display folds down from the roof, equipped with a camera for business meetings and the ability to stream entertainment or act as a smartphone screen monitor. Although Volvo has yet to release a comprehensive list, they state that the EM90 is compatible with various third-party apps.

    Most of the in-vehicle functions can be operated via voice commands, eliminating the need for physical button presses. Volvo suggests that occupants can transform the interior into a theater, meeting room, or even a bedroom using simple voice prompts. This feature triggers customizable “scenes” that adjust the lighting, seat positions, and deploy the in-car infotainment system accordingly.

    Volvo guarantees that the EM90 will only improve with time through over-the-air updates. One of the upcoming updates is the implementation of road noise cancellation. Similar to active noise cancellation in headphones, the EM90’s sound system will play reversed sound waves to counteract disruptive road noise and tire roar, resulting in a more serene and tranquil ride.

    At present, the EM90 is exclusively available in China, priced at 818,000 yuan (approximately $112,000 USD). While Volvo has not committed to releasing the EM90 in other markets, the growing popularity of luxury people movers, exemplified by the likes of the Lexus LM, may prompt the automaker to consider expanding its availability to the United States and Europe if the demand arises.

    In conclusion, Volvo’s EM90 is set to redefine the concept of luxury electric people movers. With its impressive range, luxurious interior, and state-of-the-art technology, it undoubtedly raises the bar in its segment. While currently only available in China, the EM90 has the potential to captivate global markets if Volvo decides to bring this extraordinary vehicle to a wider audience.

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