Home Car Culture Weekend Car Culture Roundup: November 18th, 2023

Weekend Car Culture Roundup: November 18th, 2023

Weekend Car Culture Roundup: November 18th, 2023

Title: Weekly Car Culture Roundup: Fastest Depreciating Cars, Brad Pitt’s F1 Movie Scraps, and More

Welcome to our weekly Jalopnik series, where we recap the latest happenings in the world of car culture. In this edition, we highlight the fastest depreciating cars, the latest update on Brad Pitt’s Formula 1 movie, calls for speed-restrictors, crackdown on the Carolina Squat, Hyundai’s powerful Ioniq 5 N, George Foreman’s car collection, resale rights for the Cybertruck, the 2025 Volvo EM90, and Subaru’s transformation of the Forester into an SUV.

Fastest Depreciating Cars:
Depreciation affects all cars, but some models experience more significant decreases in value. Luxury sedans and SUVs, in particular, can lose more than 50% of their value over five years. Check out which cars made the list.

Brad Pitt’s F1 Movie Scraps:
Rumors were circulating that Brad Pitt’s Formula 1 movie was in trouble due to questionable sponsorship deals that rendered hours of footage useless. However, Formula 1 has clarified that the filmed events in the UK and Hungary remain relevant, and the movie is still on track for its planned 2025 release.

Nine Killed By One Speeding Car Sparks Call for Speed-Restrictors:
After a tragic accident involving a speeding car that claimed nine lives, the National Transportation Safety Board is urging automakers to install anti-speeding technology in all new vehicles to reduce deaths caused by excessive speeding.

South Carolina Cracks Down on the Carolina Squat:
South Carolina has banned the popular practice known as the “Carolina Squat,” where individuals raise the front of their trucks or SUVs higher than the rear end. Drivers will initially receive warnings, but after 180 days, fines and suspensions will be issued for non-compliance.

Hyundai Insists on the Performance of the 641-HP Ioniq 5 N:
Hyundai’s upcoming Ioniq 5 N offers impressive performance capabilities, despite initial doubts. With its high horsepower and acceleration, the electric vehicle aims to prove that it’s not just meant for straight-line speed.

All Those Grills Helped George Foreman Build Quite the Car Collection:
Boxing legend George Foreman is auctioning off pieces from his personal car collection, providing an opportunity for enthusiasts to own a unique vehicle from the George Foreman Collection.

You’ll Be Able To Legally Resell Your Cybertruck, If You Ever Get One:
Tesla removed a contentious clause from its Vehicle Purchase Agreement, which previously penalized early Cybertruck owners who attempted to resell their vehicles within the first year. Now, owners have the freedom to legally resell their Cybertrucks.

Introducing the 2025 Volvo EM90:
Volvo’s first minivan, the 2025 EM90, is an electric vehicle currently available in China. Discover more about this new addition to the Swedish automaker’s lineup.

Subaru Completes the Transformation of the Forester into an SUV:
Subaru unveiled the 2025 Forester at the LA Auto Show, featuring a new face and design. Although it’s the sixth generation and looks slightly different, the Forester still retains its familiar characteristics.

Stay updated on the latest developments in car culture with our weekly roundup. From the fastest depreciating cars to exciting movie updates and new vehicle releases, there’s always something to pique your interest in the world of automobiles.


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