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    Badgers Hill: The Ultimate Guide to Frome Town FC’s Home Ground

    Located in Frome, England, Badgers Hill has been the beloved home ground for the football club Frome Town since its establishment in 1904. With a seating capacity of 3,000, this stadium has witnessed countless thrilling matches and unforgettable moments throughout its rich history. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about Badgers Hill, from its facilities to travel and parking options, ensuring that you have an amazing experience when supporting Frome Town FC.

    Facilities at Badgers Hill

    As you step into Badgers Hill, you’ll be greeted by its main stand which boasts approximately 250 seats. These seats offer a comfortable vantage point to enjoy the game, although it’s worth noting that there are some metal supports that might slightly restrict the view. Across from the main stand, you’ll find a large covered terrace standing on a solid concrete base, providing ample space for standing spectators and creating an electrifying atmosphere within the stadium.

    Tickets: How to Secure Yours

    To attend any of Frome Town FC’s matches at Badgers Hill, you can purchase tickets in advance via their official club website. The ticket prices are as follows:

    – Adults: £10
    – Concessions: £7
    – Students: £3.50
    – U16s: £2

    Alternatively, if you prefer to buy your tickets on the day of the match, you can do so using cash or card at the stadium. Frome Town FC aims to ensure that all football enthusiasts can easily acquire their tickets and enjoy the live experience of supporting their favorite team.

    Travel and Parking: Getting to Badgers Hill

    Address: Badgers Hill, 48 Berkley Rd, Frome BA11 2EH, UK

    By Road:
    If you’re traveling by car, the most convenient route is to turn right at the traffic lights on Rodden Road (where you’ll see The Vine Tree pub opposite) onto Berkley Road. Continue on Berkley Road for approximately 300 yards, and you’ll spot the stadium on your right. The entrance to the car park is located at the far end of the ground.

    Badgers Hill offers parking spaces for around 60 cars, situated inside and around the stadium. If you require a reserved parking spot due to disability, it’s advisable to contact the club in advance. Additionally, the nearby Selby Academy, located just 200 meters away, acts as an overflow car park to accommodate more vehicles.

    By Rail:
    For those traveling by train, Frome Station is convenient, being approximately a mile away from the ground. From the station, it’s a pleasant 20-minute walk to reach Badgers Hill, allowing you to soak in the football atmosphere along the way.

    Ground Facilities and Away Pubs: Enhancing Your Matchday Experience

    Badgers Hill offers a range of facilities to make your matchday experience exceptional. For away supporters, there is a covered seated stand with approximately 250 bright red seats. These seats were installed several years ago during Frome Town FC’s Southern League days and provide a cozy and vibrant setting to cheer on your team.

    The Venue and Sports Bar clubhouse is open seven days a week, starting from 12 pm. Inside, you’ll find a spacious function room with comfortable seating, perfect for pre-match socializing. The clubhouse serves a variety of football food and offers a selection of lagers, including the popular Doombar real ale for those seeking a different taste.

    If you’re looking for alternative pub options, The Vine Tree pub on Rodden Road is conveniently located close to the stadium, providing a great option for early arrivals. Additionally, you can explore the charming streets of Frome town center, which house numerous independent pubs such as the Lamb & Fountain cider house. These pubs offer a unique and traditional experience for football fans seeking a taste of local culture.

    In Conclusion

    Badgers Hill, Frome Town FC’s home ground, welcomes football enthusiasts with open arms, aiming to provide an unforgettable matchday experience. With its various seating options, including a covered seated stand and spacious terrace, the stadium offers a fantastic view of the game from different perspectives. Secure your tickets either in advance through the official club website or on the day itself, and make your way to Badgers Hill using the convenient road or rail options available.

    Once inside the stadium, take advantage of the ground facilities, including the vibrant Venue and Sports Bar clubhouse, to fully immerse yourself in the football atmosphere. Additionally, don’t miss out on exploring the nearby pubs or the town center with its delightful independent establishments.

    Experience the passion and thrill of Frome Town FC at Badgers Hill, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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