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    Young Pilot Reveals Astounding Costs of Maintaining His Small Plane

    When Drew obtained his pilot’s license, he purchased a 1968 Cessna 150, which has now become a part of his and his girlfriend Lanie’s extravagant lifestyle. They have been flying their Cessna across the United States and even to vacation destinations in the Caribbean. While they share their luxurious adventures on social media, they also reveal the less glamorous side of owning and maintaining a small plane.

    To begin with, purchasing a plane like their Cessna 150 can cost around $34,000, depending on its year and condition. However, the initial cost is just the tip of the iceberg. Lanie mentions that the annual inspection alone costs around $2,000. Last year, they had to replace a cylinder, which added an additional $840 to their expenses.

    In addition to regular inspections, there are other parts that frequently need to be replaced, such as the oil filter ($30), spark plug ($40), battery ($400), and tires ($200 each). These recurring costs can quickly add up. But that’s not where the expenses end.

    The most significant cost comes from overhauling the engine, which needs to be done every 2000 hours or 12 years, whichever comes first. When Drew had his engine serviced last year, it took six long weeks and cost him a staggering $23,000 – almost the same as the price of the plane itself.

    Despite the jaw-dropping maintenance costs, Drew and Lanie have no regrets. They continue to enjoy their aviation adventures and aspire to inspire others to pursue their pilot’s licenses as well. They offer some tips for those considering becoming pilots, such as not needing to be proficient in math, as there are apps that can handle calculations. They also assure that flying in a plane doesn’t feel as high as one might expect. Aspiring pilots are encouraged to go on a discovery flight and find a flight school in their area to get started.

    One thing to keep in mind, however, is that flying is “wildly expensive.” Having a substantial budget is crucial if one wishes to embark on this thrilling endeavor.

    In conclusion, Drew and Lanie’s story sheds light on the hidden costs of owning and maintaining a small plane. The financial commitment involved in keeping a plane in top-notch condition is undoubtedly significant, but for aviation enthusiasts like Drew and Lanie, the experience makes it all worthwhile.

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