YouTuber with a Passion for Supercars Reveals Insane $135,000 Monthly Car Payments

    Title: Billionaire YouTuber Reveals Shocking $135k Monthly Car Payment for His Supercar Collection

    In a jaw-dropping revelation, YouTuber Steve Hamilton, the founder of The Hamilton Collection and SD Wheel, has shared the staggering amount he spends on car payments each month. With an astonishing $135,000 dedicated solely to his fleet of supercars, Hamilton’s luxury car collection is truly one for the books. Let’s delve into the details and find out how he manages to finance such an extravagant lifestyle.

    The Expensive World of Car Payments:
    While the average person’s monthly car payment hovers around $736, Hamilton’s car payments eclipse that sum tenfold. His opulent lifestyle allows him to indulge in an array of luxury cars, and the cost of financing such automotive marvels far exceeds what most people could ever imagine.

    Steve Hamilton: The Extraordinary YouTuber:
    Steve Hamilton is no ordinary YouTuber. As the founder of the successful mail-order aftermarket wheel and tire company, SD Wheel, he has amassed a massive fortune. However, rather than exclusively enjoying the fruits of his labor, Hamilton has taken it upon himself to share his passion for supercars with others. Through The Hamilton Collection, he allows fellow enthusiasts to experience these extraordinary vehicles.

    The Deposits: A Pricey Entrance Fee:
    Ordering a hypercar is no small feat. Hamilton explains that interested buyers must be prepared to make substantial deposits. For instance, the Bugatti Chiron SS requires a down payment of $1.75 million, the Rimac Nevera demands $1.125 million upfront, the Koenigsegg Jesko entails a deposit of $1.8 million, the Hennessey Venom F5 Revolution necessitates $1 million, and the Pagani Utopia comes with a $360,000 down payment. As a result, Hamilton has already invested a whopping $6.5 million into cars he can’t even drive yet.

    The Monthly Payments: A Glimpse into Hamilton’s Expensive Garage:
    Hamilton has moved away from traditional financing methods due to rising interest rates. Instead, he now directly funds his new cars. Let’s uncover the eye-watering monthly payments of some of his prized possessions:

    1. LaFerrari – $38,691 per month:
    Hamilton shells out almost $39,000 monthly for the iconic LaFerrari. This masterpiece of engineering reflects his dedication to the world of supercars.

    2. Pagani Huayra Roadster – $31,138 per month:
    Maintaining its position as one of the gems of Hamilton’s collection, the breathtaking Pagani Huayra Roadster boasts a monthly payment surpassing $31,000.

    3. McLaren P1 – $7,079 per month:
    The epic McLaren P1 demands a monthly payment of over $7,000 to secure its spot in Hamilton’s garage.

    4. McLaren 675LT – $6,207 per month:
    Another McLaren, the 675LT, follows closely with a payment of $6,207 each month.

    5. Lamborghini Urus – $4,056 per month:
    The extravagance continues with the Lamborghini Urus, which commands a monthly payment exceeding $4,000.

    6. Tesla Model X – $2,396 per month:
    Hamilton’s environmentally conscious side shines through with the electric Tesla Model X, requiring a monthly payment of nearly $2,400.

    7. Tesla Model X – $1,658 per month:
    A second Tesla Model X finds its place in Hamilton’s collection, demanding a payment just shy of $1,700 each month.

    These figures, while mind-boggling to the average person, are just a glimpse into Hamilton’s full monthly expenditure on his impressive collection. As he mentions, there are even more cars in his possession that he hasn’t covered.

    Steve Hamilton’s dedication to the world of luxury cars is nothing short of extraordinary. With a monthly car payment totaling $135,000, his collection showcases his passion for these high-performance vehicles. While most individuals can barely fathom such exorbitant expenses, Hamilton’s success and entrepreneurial endeavors have allowed him to live out his dreams. The allure of supercars and the lifestyle they represent is undoubtedly a fascinating spectacle, making Hamilton’s journey one that captivates car enthusiasts around the world.

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